September 12, 2016 – Week 101

Hey Mom,

I’m not writing anything special today because I have so many cool things to tell you guys in 2 weeks (:


August 29, 2016 – Week 99


This week has been pretty great! I delivered my last talk in church yesterday and it was MARAVILLOSO, there was a mom who cried from my talk as it reminded her of her sons that she has out in the mission field. Everyone said it was really good.

Mom, my convert from Terrazas (my first area) just became the Elders Quorum President, and this month he is looking to go through the temple! It’s amazing what the gospel can do to people. And this is exactly what I talked about in my talk yesterday. It was called our Everlasting Conversion and how we really need to be converted to the Lord. Out of all the things this world has to offer, we need to be truly converted to the Lord. I delivered a powerful message and I might do something simililar on OCT 9th as everyone said it was really good.  Followed by me our stake president spoke, and it was just a really really good Sunday service.
Our investigator shared his testimony during Elder’s Quorum and it was really good. The sisters in my district had a baptism but their convert said that he wanted me to baptize him.  I would send you pics but this Macbook doesn’t accept my camera. He also received the Priesthood yesterday in the 3rd hour, and I was able to ordain him and it was really really awesome. Really spiritual! It was probably one of my best Sundays here in Mexico.
You guys should pass by the temple there in Johannesburg, and did you guys go to church down there is well? Tell me all about it. Everything is going really well. I’m going to keep my messages short because if I tell you everything I won’t have anything to share for when I get home! LOVE YOU! Be safe there with the sharks – but tell them I said hi (:

August 22, 2016 – Week 98


Hey everyone,

I’m sorry that I didn’t get to write to you guys last week. We had a lot of appointments and we ended up going to write at 5:45 and there was only one computer so I just let my companion write to his family a second because he has a lot of time left and I’m coming home in 5 weeks. Last Monday was the start of the new transfer and I’m in the same place and with the same companion. They even decided to put me ahead and to be the District Leader.
Last Sunday the old district leader said to me “good luck elder, you have 2 baptismal dates in the whole district.” I told him not to worry, as of yesterday I had reported a total of 27 baptismal dates, and things are going really well. Tomorrow is my last conference with the Mission President and the Zone, so I will be giving my testimony. Remember my goal of hitting an attendance of 200 people in church, well this past Sunday we had hit 199. I’m really happy with my Father in Heaven because He has been blessing us big time! The other ward in Tecate ended up having an attendance of 151, and that was increased by about 30 people. So things are going really well as a district leader here in the mission. The President and my zone leaders are really happy with my efforts.
I got a little disappointed yesterday to only have 2 of my investigators go to church, but you know what its okay because thats is ALL I COULD DO. Mom, I am really tired, this past week we had 49 lessons and that is by far the most I have ever done in one week in my mission. Things are going well, and I’m working my tail off these days to get some baptisms in. if everything goes well, I should be baptizing at least 7 more people. And I know for a fact that the Lord will bless me with it!
This past week I gave some blessings for some kids that were going back to school, and it had reminded me a lot of when dad had given us father’s blessing before we had entered school. It was a really cool experience.
Anyways I just have a short 5 weeks left, and just about 1 month honestly. I didn’t get to tell Madie happy birthday last week but now I can tell dad happy birthday!!! And that is legit that he is going to be spending it in Paris. You should buy me a Paris soccer jersey while you’re there!!! Anyways hopefully you can get me an African megaladon shark tooth in Africa or a raptor claw! That would be pretty legit haha, but anyways I really hope you guys stay safe and have fun down there! That sucks that dad has to get his surgery a week before I get home but it will be good for him.  I was hoping to go golfing with dad when I get home, but oh well, maybe in a couple months more!
Anyways love you guys! UNTIL NEXT WEEK! Caudate en Africa Mama, te quiero!

August 8, 2016 – Week 96

This week I talked to our ward mission leader about the 4th Sunday of the month and it is going to be my last talk that I will be giving in sacrament meeting – at least until October jaja. I have been thinking lot of what I want to speak about and what I wanted to leave my ward with, and I’m going to be talking about the Priesthood. I’m really excited to be giving this talk and I’m going to be starting early and taking my time with it so I can just give it powerfully. That’s one of the things that I really liked to do here in the mission and that is to give talks. I love just talking to a big group of people.

It is pretty cool to be able to have the opportunity to be able to talk in front of about 200 people. Thats one of my goals here in Los Olivos, not only to be able to baptize 9 people in this month but also to raise the attendance of our ward to 200 people. This past Sunday was really low it it was 154, but we have about the range of 165ish or 170. I want it to be raised to 200 people! Right now in our ward we are working with the members to help out the work of salvation, especially the retention and the conversion, and the reactivation of the less active members.
Today I saw Claudia, she has family where we are living at, and I was talking to her and she said she is going to Florida in December.  She is going to visit her family in Naples, and she is also going to Orlando.  Maybe we can do something with them when they come to Florida.
We are preparing several people to be baptized this month and I really, really, really hope that all of it works out just perfectly. I’m really excited it is literally going to be 7 points after the whole game just to win it all. We just hit the 5 minute mark on the clock, and we are up, but we are going to shove another one through just to show the other team who’s boss. And sorry but I am not going to the singles ward when I get home. I’m not about that life. I’m just going to go to institute, but who knows where I will meet my future wifey. But the Lord will prevail.
Love you!!!!!

August 1, 2016 – Week 95

Hey Everyone,

Sorry about not be able to write to y’all last week. I just couldn’t get it done because we had a lot of stuff going on and the fact that I got sent to another sector and it is probably my last sector in the mission and I will be finishing it up here in my last days.
These weeks have been pretty good. We are getting ready to baptize a lot of people and hopefully it just goes really well. I’m a trainer for Elder Ramos and he is from Merida Yucatan, so now we have a reason to go to Cancun!!!!! I have 8 weeks left here in the mission and I’m killing it right now! These past two weeks we have made 284 contacts of random people and we are just talking to everyone about the gospel. I have definitely completed my goal to give out a Book of Mormon everyday and I have been doing so for 7 weeks now, or 6 no me acuerdo. But everything here in the mission is a blast, we are having a lot of fun and next Monday me and Elder Woods are going to be running from Tijuana to Rosario. It’s 20 kilometers  or 12 miles and it’s about a half marathon. It should be pretty fun to do so! This week i have to train up for it and I’m going to be running every day to get warmed up. Hopefully it will only take about 2 hours but it should be fun.
Training is a blast too but its something that you have to do with a lot of patience and that is something that I definitely have a lot of because i fish!! Honestly fishing has helped me have a lot of patience here in the mission and just waiting for the people to bite the hook. Tijuana just had their EFY and 1100 people went to it. and our ward here in Los Olivos had the most people there out of another ward in Mexico. Our ward had over 80 youth attend EFY and a lot of them are not members so me and my companion are contacting these people and we hope that they all go on missions in the future and all of them want to get to baptized as well. Hopefully we can have a lot of success here in this sector and so far out of my whole mission this is my favorite sector. The members are absolutely wonderful and they are great! Yesterday we spent the whole day on the side of a mountain trying to look for some less active families but we couldn’t  find them so we basically spent the whole day doing stair steppers basically because it is literally the side of a mountain here in Tijuas. Things are going really well.  I ripped out my ingrown toenail like 3 weeks ago and it is doing really good. I took a video of it as well and it is pretty gross with a lot of blood at the end of it but it felt pretty good to get that sucker yanked.
Mom I just want you to know that I’m really tired, and I’m excited to come home just tired of working, it feels good right now in this one hour that I have to be able to sit down and just relax and to get out all my feelings in writing. Also i just hit page 371 in my journal; I write everyday. Sometimes I go back and read some of the stuff I wrote a while ago and it’s pretty funny. I’m excited to see you guys again and hopefully Madie will be there too. Out of everyone I really miss her, jajaja and you too Mom. I miss having siblings and people annoying me all the time, but in a short time I’ll be back home – just 8 weeks!!! Dad and Pawpaw told me that you are really excited mom. Anyways keep strong and when you guys get back from Africa I’ll be just another few weeks away. Love all of you – have a great week!