August 29, 2016 – Week 99


This week has been pretty great! I delivered my last talk in church yesterday and it was MARAVILLOSO, there was a mom who cried from my talk as it reminded her of her sons that she has out in the mission field. Everyone said it was really good.

Mom, my convert from Terrazas (my first area) just became the Elders Quorum President, and this month he is looking to go through the temple! It’s amazing what the gospel can do to people. And this is exactly what I talked about in my talk yesterday. It was called our Everlasting Conversion and how we really need to be converted to the Lord. Out of all the things this world has to offer, we need to be truly converted to the Lord. I delivered a powerful message and I might do something simililar on OCT 9th as everyone said it was really good.  Followed by me our stake president spoke, and it was just a really really good Sunday service.
Our investigator shared his testimony during Elder’s Quorum and it was really good. The sisters in my district had a baptism but their convert said that he wanted me to baptize him.  I would send you pics but this Macbook doesn’t accept my camera. He also received the Priesthood yesterday in the 3rd hour, and I was able to ordain him and it was really really awesome. Really spiritual! It was probably one of my best Sundays here in Mexico.
You guys should pass by the temple there in Johannesburg, and did you guys go to church down there is well? Tell me all about it. Everything is going really well. I’m going to keep my messages short because if I tell you everything I won’t have anything to share for when I get home! LOVE YOU! Be safe there with the sharks – but tell them I said hi (:

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