August 22, 2016 – Week 98


Hey everyone,

I’m sorry that I didn’t get to write to you guys last week. We had a lot of appointments and we ended up going to write at 5:45 and there was only one computer so I just let my companion write to his family a second because he has a lot of time left and I’m coming home in 5 weeks. Last Monday was the start of the new transfer and I’m in the same place and with the same companion. They even decided to put me ahead and to be the District Leader.
Last Sunday the old district leader said to me “good luck elder, you have 2 baptismal dates in the whole district.” I told him not to worry, as of yesterday I had reported a total of 27 baptismal dates, and things are going really well. Tomorrow is my last conference with the Mission President and the Zone, so I will be giving my testimony. Remember my goal of hitting an attendance of 200 people in church, well this past Sunday we had hit 199. I’m really happy with my Father in Heaven because He has been blessing us big time! The other ward in Tecate ended up having an attendance of 151, and that was increased by about 30 people. So things are going really well as a district leader here in the mission. The President and my zone leaders are really happy with my efforts.
I got a little disappointed yesterday to only have 2 of my investigators go to church, but you know what its okay because thats is ALL I COULD DO. Mom, I am really tired, this past week we had 49 lessons and that is by far the most I have ever done in one week in my mission. Things are going well, and I’m working my tail off these days to get some baptisms in. if everything goes well, I should be baptizing at least 7 more people. And I know for a fact that the Lord will bless me with it!
This past week I gave some blessings for some kids that were going back to school, and it had reminded me a lot of when dad had given us father’s blessing before we had entered school. It was a really cool experience.
Anyways I just have a short 5 weeks left, and just about 1 month honestly. I didn’t get to tell Madie happy birthday last week but now I can tell dad happy birthday!!! And that is legit that he is going to be spending it in Paris. You should buy me a Paris soccer jersey while you’re there!!! Anyways hopefully you can get me an African megaladon shark tooth in Africa or a raptor claw! That would be pretty legit haha, but anyways I really hope you guys stay safe and have fun down there! That sucks that dad has to get his surgery a week before I get home but it will be good for him.  I was hoping to go golfing with dad when I get home, but oh well, maybe in a couple months more!
Anyways love you guys! UNTIL NEXT WEEK! Caudate en Africa Mama, te quiero!

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