July 4, 2016 – Week 91

Hey Mom and family how is it all going,[?][?][?][?]

Just wanted to start off by letting y’all know that today is America’s 240th birthday I think!!! Also, today Elder Hadley and I wore American flag ties and I rocked my american flag socks! Everyone was digging it and I got some shout outs from some American people here, and some nasty looks from some jealous Mexicans [?]. Anyway, today was really really good. Today I received a new companion whose name is Elder Gwilliam. Mom, you already know his mom from when you went to eat out with them in Utah. He is really cool and hopefully we can be able to work really well now! He is from Springville, Utah. He comes from a big family as well! We are so excited for this transfer, well it’s my second to last here in the misison and I will be coming home. ):
Sorry I was pretty short last week with y’all, I had little time to write and I wasn’t able to really talk to Madie either. Usually I talk to her a lot, today I had a lot to do. On Saturday I worked ALL DAY in my sector with a 16 year old from the ward, it was really really sweet and we were able to get a lot done. Elder Gwilliam is a boss and we are going to work like CRAZY! Next week we are headed to Guerrero Negro, San Quintin and San Felipe and I’m so excited to go down there. It should be a lot of fun!
Just to let you guys know I have given away a Book of Mormon everyday for 2 weeks now!! I have not skipped a day and I can see the blessings from doing it. When you guys do it, just don’t be scared to do it! I challenge you to be able to give away a Book of Mormon this week! IT IS EASY. Tell Pawpaw happy birthday and that I will be praying for his arm. Elder Gwilliam is a Jeff gordon fan and it is DOPEE!!!!!! He also likes football. He likes the Ravens and the Lions. I think we are going to get a long pretty well. I’m excited.
Love you all. Elder Wilkes

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