July 18, 2016 – Week 93

There is a lot going on here in the mission. Three missioanries just left to go back home. Two of them were sick and one had some other issues. But that means my trio that I’m in is going to get split up probably. We still don’t know what is going to happen right now but we are waiting for the president to come here to tell us all that is happening. I honestly think that I am goong to change and going with one of the companions whose companion went home. I think I’m going to a sector called Ojo de Agua and if I go there is a big chance that i will just finish my mission there. It’s another sector that not much is going on there right now. But they always baptize a ton of people so maybe it will be somethmg that I need to finish my mission. I honestly want to baptize at least 5 more people before I go home. But oh how much better it would be if I hit 10. I thought I could do it here in Paraíso, but it didn’t initially work out how I wanted it.

We had went to do the audits in Guerrero Negro and San Quintin this week and it was a really cool trip. I’ll have to send you all the pictures of what we took down there. It was a blast and we had fun and the audits went okay. This week we are heading to San Felipe and it should be great as well! I took a lot of pictures there in Guerrero Negro and I’ll send them to you later on today if I get the chance. And also Mom I bought you a cool desk plate that says Guerrero Negro on it and it has a painting of a grey whale on there. It’s really cool  – it’s like Mexican pottery plate. I think you will like it but im going to bring it home and give it to you and there’s a lot of cool stuff that I want to get you guys here. I want to buy you guys something cool from San Felipe. So I’ll see what I can get different from down there.
I’m pretty excited though to be able to lesve from the offices and to keep going on like a normal missionary. Ojo de agua is really big. It is a massive sector. And it is filled with a ton of little pueblos throughout the whole area. My companion and I are going to be hitting it up like the old times preaching in the small towns. My companion and I are going to go ham. I’m pretty excited for what the president has in store for us but we have no idea what is going to happen here. I’m ready for whatever comes up!! I ripped out my toenail this week and it hurt like crazy. I took a sweet video of it as well and no it doesn’t hurt anymore. But in a month or so it might come back. This week I’m going to buy that medicine to help my toe. But everything is good I’m pretty happy. I honestly miss you guys a lot and im excited to see y’all in September! That’s cool Tina is moving to Florida but that means I have no were to stay if I go to the race in Bristol. Oh well, I can settle for Charlotte! Anyways love you guys!

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