May 30, 2016 – Week 86

This week has been pretty legit. I ended up having to do a membership audit in San Quintín and also Guerrero Negro. Three of us made the trip with the Mission President and his wife. It was pretty cool to be able to go all the way down south of the State and to get to see the mountain terrian of Baja California. It is pretty much a whole desert and low mountain range, there is absolutly no one that lives outside of San Quentin and Guerrero Negro. It is pretty much desolate with a few villages here and there with populations of 50 or 60 people.

Anyways it was a pretty cool trip, I forgot how much I loved seafood! Bascially all the food they have down there is seafood, so I ate steak and shrimp about the whole time. I was pretty spoiled and it was a pretty fun trip.  It was a little awkward becasue President García and his wife just really don’t talk. They are pretty serious people, but they are great, I love them. It kinda felt like they were my parents while we were on the trip, but it was pretty sweet.

To give you an update, our investigator V**** hasn’t smoked all week  and all of this has happened after we gave him a preisthood blessing so that he could stop smoking. So the power of the preisthood really works!!  My new companion is good. He’s a really cool person and he’s really funny, but he really doesn’t talk.  I think he’s just a pretty shy person but maybe here pretty soon he will loosen up a little bit, im just probably gonna start talking to him about hunting and fishing to see if that helps! But he is going to be studying dance in New York, thats what he says he wants to do. He’s like my complete opposite, but we get along great. The misison president probably isn’t going to let me finish my mission in the offices – I’m going to end up going back to the field my very last transfer in the mission. I really hope they send me back to Mexicali, because I want to go back there so freaking bad!! I guess we will see what happens. So next transfer I will be training a new finance secretary (according to what the president has said)
so I will be in a trio again! It will be pretty fun, I really like being in trios because I feel like there isn’t as much tension. My companion Elder Montes de Oca, we are gonna end up having 6 months as companions, it has been really great , but my time to move on is soon.
I really like him and also my new compa Elder Lopez. We get along just fine.
I ended up gaining a few pounds this trip, we just kept eating and eating, but I took advantage of it because it’s not everyday I can eat steak and shrimp. I usually just eat beans and chicken. I should be losing the pounds pretty soon though. My health is fine, I just want to lose more weight. I was running in the morning but my companion doesn’t like to so we stopped  and I will have to find some other excersise to do, some cardio activity. My feet are crooked though, but the new shoes are going to help with that (hopefully). I ended up yanking a good size chunk of my ingrown toenail, right now it looks normal, maybe I have taken it out for good, but we will see what happens here pretty soon.
I hope you guys have a wonderful week, this week a guy had called us and told us he wants us to teach his kids so they can get baptized and we are going to go meet them pretty soon. I just hope everything works out just fine and we can baptize!! Love you!

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