June 27, 2016 – Week 90

Hey mom,

I’m sorry that im keeping this message really short, but I just ran out of time today because I had to do a lot of other stuff today but all is well. I’m working with Elder Hadley pretty much all week and going to be working with him a lot next transfer as well. I have been working really really really hard, and next transfer, which is next Monday is the transfer day and I will be training a new finance secretary here in the mission. I’m really excited to be able to do so!

So this week I’ll basically be working with Elder Hadley and I love him a lot -he’s great! His family is from Bountiful utah, and he’s like a pro skier. Also, I hope you know I have given away a Book of Mormon everyday so far!!!! So I have potentially saved 8 souls this week, and next week I will continue the process.  Things are good with me. I’m working really hard but it is hard to do it when I don’t have my companion’s support.  But I’ll be working with Hadley this week!!!! I’m really stoked! Love you mom!!! I saw Elder Larsen again the other day. I love him as well, he’s like my best friend.! Tell his mom iIsaid hi for me!

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