June 20, 2016 – Week 89

Hey Family,

I just had received the notice that I only have about 99 days left in my mission which is really sad and also a little exciting as well. I just made a personal goal that for everyday that I have left in my mission I’m going to give out a Book of Mormon, so like mom said 99 days to save 99 souls, that’s what I am going to do! Thanks mom for the inspiration. (:

Today is Day 1, so I’m gonna see where I can give a Book of Mormon out. Instead of giving out pamphlets, I can at least find one person to give out a Book of Mormon. I challenge you guys to do the same thing too! Find at least one family this week to share the gospel with and to give them a Book of Mormon.
This week has been pretty challenging for me at least.  Unfortunately our family that we are trying to baptize didn’t end up coming to church today, AGAIN….so we had to push thier baptism back another week, because they have to come at least one more time so that they can come to church. They then should be getting baptized! 🙃 I love that family and I really love the ward I’m in. The members and the Bishop are just really awesome. Except we had some issues with the Gospel Principals class yesterday. I’m going to be starting a Book of Mormon class in the next week or two so I can help people out with their Book of Mormon studies and so that they can have a better understanding.
The other day I had bought some KFC then a guy gave us free food so I ended up giving my KFC away to a homeless guy that I had previously gave blankets to. But all is well with my health, I’mm not losing any more weight but I did stop exercising and I need to start that up again.
Love you guys hopefully y’all will have a good week.

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