May 2, 2016 – Week 82

I’m going to keep my message short today because we are going to be talking here pretty soon! By the way I’m going to be skyping you guys Sunday evening. And don’t worry the Americans get the privilege to talk on Sunday, so I’m going to be doing so around 7pm my time on Sunday. Sorry it’s going to be a little late for you guys, it’s just becasue on Sunday we have a lot of stuff going on. Our church gets out at 1pm and then we have meetings afterward, then we go eat. But then we are going to be coming back here to the offices and I’m going to be skyping you guys from the offices here.

 Anyways I just wanted to inform you of our investigator P***** that we have been visiting is progressing really well and we are hoping to baptize him on Friday the 13th of this month and we hope that everything will turn out just fine with him.  He goes to church and he has been progressing really well and the family that gave him to us as a reference they came back into church and they are active again!
I think I am going to be finishing my mission here in the offices.  I really like it, but my sector is so difficult. We received a sweet referral the other day and then we went to go visit her. She accepted and she likes the message, but she is not married. It’s really hard, but with P***** it’s sweet because he has the oppurtunity to change his life.
I love all of you and I’m going to take my time to write to Jordan today. Have a great week!

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