May 16, 2016 – Week 84

Hey Everyone,

Once again it was great to be able to talk to all of you last Sunday.

This week has been really good.  I didn’t go runnning all week because I have been pretty tired, but this morning we went and we are going to be doing so everyday again.  I need to get my weight down a lot more still. Hopefully I can be able to do that. To get it around 195lbs would be absolutly great!
This week  we are going to be having a baptism on Friday/Saturday, probably Friday. His name is P*****. Unfortunately  he didn’t come to church on Sunday, but we are going to be able to baptize him. We were going to take him to the temple and to get him to come to church but he has been really sick lately and had to go to the doctor and just for that reason he wasn’t able to come. But we are going to be baptize him this Friday and I’m super excited to be able to get to baptize someone again. It’s been a  long time since I have baptized – this Friday will make 5 months without baptizing, and it has been extremly hard, but as we suffer our afflictions the Lord blesses us with success. Me and another missionary are probably going to be singing a song in the baptism but we don’t know yet, there are only so many songs. But we are going to probably sing In the Hollow of Thy Hand. We will see what happens! Hopefully this transfer we can be able to baptize a lot more, we are trying and it is really hard.
Dad it is great that you have shared what you shared with the YSA Ward in Spanish it is called JAS, which is a lot easier to say, but my companion and I were talking about that and he also gave a talk this week and he shared about the same thing.  It is a wonderful talk by Jeffrey R. Holland. It is a perfect thing to say to the members that don’t really see the importance of keeping the commandments especially going to sacrament. I’m probably going to share it more with my investigators to help them go to church!
I have been thinkning about something spiritual to share with y’all this week. All that comes to my mind this week is about Jesus Christ and about his Atonement. President Garcia shared with us something really cool in our staff meeting about a month ago. Sister Garcia told him something really cool that the atonement is talked about in one of the releif society books. President shared with us that it was said that God had to go to the other end of the universe to try to escape the crying of his son (Jesus Christ) when he was going through the atonement. That is something really hard to try to even imagine. I try to think about the pain he went through but I can’t. It is impossible. But that same pain helps us in our very day. Worlds upon worlds are forever greatful for this atonement. But are we thankful? Remember God had to go to the other side of the UNIVERSE to escape the crys of his own suffering son. We need to be ever so greatful for this sacrifice. The best way we can be greatful is to repent of our sins and have that change of heart, the same change of heart when the Anti-nephi-lehites had when they burried thier weapons.
May we all come to Christ this week and be perfected in him.
Bonita Semana (:

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