June 27, 2016 – Week 90

Hey mom,

I’m sorry that im keeping this message really short, but I just ran out of time today because I had to do a lot of other stuff today but all is well. I’m working with Elder Hadley pretty much all week and going to be working with him a lot next transfer as well. I have been working really really really hard, and next transfer, which is next Monday is the transfer day and I will be training a new finance secretary here in the mission. I’m really excited to be able to do so!

So this week I’ll basically be working with Elder Hadley and I love him a lot -he’s great! His family is from Bountiful utah, and he’s like a pro skier. Also, I hope you know I have given away a Book of Mormon everyday so far!!!! So I have potentially saved 8 souls this week, and next week I will continue the process.  Things are good with me. I’m working really hard but it is hard to do it when I don’t have my companion’s support.  But I’ll be working with Hadley this week!!!! I’m really stoked! Love you mom!!! I saw Elder Larsen again the other day. I love him as well, he’s like my best friend.! Tell his mom iIsaid hi for me!

June 20, 2016 – Week 89

Hey Family,

I just had received the notice that I only have about 99 days left in my mission which is really sad and also a little exciting as well. I just made a personal goal that for everyday that I have left in my mission I’m going to give out a Book of Mormon, so like mom said 99 days to save 99 souls, that’s what I am going to do! Thanks mom for the inspiration. (:

Today is Day 1, so I’m gonna see where I can give a Book of Mormon out. Instead of giving out pamphlets, I can at least find one person to give out a Book of Mormon. I challenge you guys to do the same thing too! Find at least one family this week to share the gospel with and to give them a Book of Mormon.
This week has been pretty challenging for me at least.  Unfortunately our family that we are trying to baptize didn’t end up coming to church today, AGAIN….so we had to push thier baptism back another week, because they have to come at least one more time so that they can come to church. They then should be getting baptized! 🙃 I love that family and I really love the ward I’m in. The members and the Bishop are just really awesome. Except we had some issues with the Gospel Principals class yesterday. I’m going to be starting a Book of Mormon class in the next week or two so I can help people out with their Book of Mormon studies and so that they can have a better understanding.
The other day I had bought some KFC then a guy gave us free food so I ended up giving my KFC away to a homeless guy that I had previously gave blankets to. But all is well with my health, I’mm not losing any more weight but I did stop exercising and I need to start that up again.
Love you guys hopefully y’all will have a good week.

June 13, 2016 – Week 88


There are a lot of people in our house, so I woke up at 1 am to put my laundry in the washer so it could be ready in the morning. I took my clothes and threw them in the wash and then I had only been in bed for about 4 minutes or so and all of a sudden I felt my bed shaking. I thought it may have been a bad spirit, (because I’ve have those problems), but then a few days later someone asked me if I felt the earthquake. Then I realized I had felt it! It was actually pretty cool, it lasted like 3 seconds or so. Not too long. But it was pretty neat.

Anyways good news this week! We switched sectors, so we are in a new place, a new zone and a new stake. We are pretty excited to be in a new area. I think it is something that I needed. We were able to go to our old stake´s conference  becasue our convert Patrick was going to receive the Melchizedek Preisthood, and he was confirmed as an Elder right afterwards. It was really sweet and a cool experience to be able to participate in that ordinance.
In our new sector called Paraíso is really, really, really awesome! The members are just ready to work with the missionaries and we are also. There are sisters there as well. Sister Ames and Davalos. From Utah and Bolivia. They are pretty cool. But we are excited to be working with them and helping the ward get better and better. We just put baptismal dates with a family the other day, they have already attended church a bunch of times, so we put the baptismal dates for the following week. Hopefully we will be able to baptize 3 next week! I’m pretty excited.
We got a bunch of refereences and hopefully we can just kill it here in Paraíso. I hope to baptize 9 people before I finish here in the offices which will be about August 15th. I’m going to be training a new elder to work as a finance secretary here in the mission. I don’t know who it is, but I will find oput in the transfers that we have here pretty soon.
Sunday someone told me that a bunch of people were killed in Orlando which is pretty crazy and then the President told us about it as well. That is pretty crazy and that possibly it was realted to ISIS, then another missionary had called me and said that we need to join the marines when we get back so we can control these fools!! THAT’S WHY GUNS SHOULD BE ALLOWED IN PUBLIC PLACES!! If more people had a gun, they could have stopped the shooting a lot sooner and many more people would be saved from death and injuries.
First thing I want to do when I get home is to get my gun license.
Love you guys and hope the week goes well! Hopefully I will have some more success stories for next Monday (:

May 30, 2016 – Week 86

This week has been pretty legit. I ended up having to do a membership audit in San Quintín and also Guerrero Negro. Three of us made the trip with the Mission President and his wife. It was pretty cool to be able to go all the way down south of the State and to get to see the mountain terrian of Baja California. It is pretty much a whole desert and low mountain range, there is absolutly no one that lives outside of San Quentin and Guerrero Negro. It is pretty much desolate with a few villages here and there with populations of 50 or 60 people.

Anyways it was a pretty cool trip, I forgot how much I loved seafood! Bascially all the food they have down there is seafood, so I ate steak and shrimp about the whole time. I was pretty spoiled and it was a pretty fun trip.  It was a little awkward becasue President García and his wife just really don’t talk. They are pretty serious people, but they are great, I love them. It kinda felt like they were my parents while we were on the trip, but it was pretty sweet.

To give you an update, our investigator V**** hasn’t smoked all week  and all of this has happened after we gave him a preisthood blessing so that he could stop smoking. So the power of the preisthood really works!!  My new companion is good. He’s a really cool person and he’s really funny, but he really doesn’t talk.  I think he’s just a pretty shy person but maybe here pretty soon he will loosen up a little bit, im just probably gonna start talking to him about hunting and fishing to see if that helps! But he is going to be studying dance in New York, thats what he says he wants to do. He’s like my complete opposite, but we get along great. The misison president probably isn’t going to let me finish my mission in the offices – I’m going to end up going back to the field my very last transfer in the mission. I really hope they send me back to Mexicali, because I want to go back there so freaking bad!! I guess we will see what happens. So next transfer I will be training a new finance secretary (according to what the president has said)
so I will be in a trio again! It will be pretty fun, I really like being in trios because I feel like there isn’t as much tension. My companion Elder Montes de Oca, we are gonna end up having 6 months as companions, it has been really great , but my time to move on is soon.
I really like him and also my new compa Elder Lopez. We get along just fine.
I ended up gaining a few pounds this trip, we just kept eating and eating, but I took advantage of it because it’s not everyday I can eat steak and shrimp. I usually just eat beans and chicken. I should be losing the pounds pretty soon though. My health is fine, I just want to lose more weight. I was running in the morning but my companion doesn’t like to so we stopped  and I will have to find some other excersise to do, some cardio activity. My feet are crooked though, but the new shoes are going to help with that (hopefully). I ended up yanking a good size chunk of my ingrown toenail, right now it looks normal, maybe I have taken it out for good, but we will see what happens here pretty soon.
I hope you guys have a wonderful week, this week a guy had called us and told us he wants us to teach his kids so they can get baptized and we are going to go meet them pretty soon. I just hope everything works out just fine and we can baptize!! Love you!

May 23, 2016 – Week 85

Hey Mom,

I only have 2 transfers left after this transfer! It is freaking crazy just 4 more months left! Time is going by really really fast, I’m really excited for my trip to Guerrero Negro, San Quintín, and also San Felipe these coming weeks, it should be pretty SWEET! Hopefully we can see how the beach is down there because that would be pretty sweet.

I’ll be sure to take a lot of pictures and show y’all whats going on with some old investigators and some old members and converts from San Felipe. Today I just received my new companion. Elder Montes de Oca is leaving the companioship in 6 more weeks because he is training our new companion Elder Lopez, and just as well he is from Mexico City. I’m pretty excited to have a new companion because I’m ready for a new change.
Everything is going really well right now. I’m really excited that me and my compa were able to baptize this past week! It’s really awesome becasue the secretaries haven’t baptized since last JULY!!!!! And we had just baptized – it’s pretty legit. Also, I have no idea why but after his confirmation they gave him the Aaronic Priesthood for some reason, it was really different. Here in Tijuana they do things really differently.
I’m really happy that my convert P**** is really doing well.  We got permission to go with him to the temple when we go do baptisms for the dead with him. We set a goal for him to get baptized for his Grandpa and we are working with him now with his family history. It is going really well and he is learning a lot. We are so stoked! Hopefully this week will go really well and all will turn out awesome.
I love you guys and hope you have a great week!
My health is fine and everything, and I’m happy. I hope you guys are too!

May 16, 2016 – Week 84

Hey Everyone,

Once again it was great to be able to talk to all of you last Sunday.

This week has been really good.  I didn’t go runnning all week because I have been pretty tired, but this morning we went and we are going to be doing so everyday again.  I need to get my weight down a lot more still. Hopefully I can be able to do that. To get it around 195lbs would be absolutly great!
This week  we are going to be having a baptism on Friday/Saturday, probably Friday. His name is P*****. Unfortunately  he didn’t come to church on Sunday, but we are going to be able to baptize him. We were going to take him to the temple and to get him to come to church but he has been really sick lately and had to go to the doctor and just for that reason he wasn’t able to come. But we are going to be baptize him this Friday and I’m super excited to be able to get to baptize someone again. It’s been a  long time since I have baptized – this Friday will make 5 months without baptizing, and it has been extremly hard, but as we suffer our afflictions the Lord blesses us with success. Me and another missionary are probably going to be singing a song in the baptism but we don’t know yet, there are only so many songs. But we are going to probably sing In the Hollow of Thy Hand. We will see what happens! Hopefully this transfer we can be able to baptize a lot more, we are trying and it is really hard.
Dad it is great that you have shared what you shared with the YSA Ward in Spanish it is called JAS, which is a lot easier to say, but my companion and I were talking about that and he also gave a talk this week and he shared about the same thing.  It is a wonderful talk by Jeffrey R. Holland. It is a perfect thing to say to the members that don’t really see the importance of keeping the commandments especially going to sacrament. I’m probably going to share it more with my investigators to help them go to church!
I have been thinkning about something spiritual to share with y’all this week. All that comes to my mind this week is about Jesus Christ and about his Atonement. President Garcia shared with us something really cool in our staff meeting about a month ago. Sister Garcia told him something really cool that the atonement is talked about in one of the releif society books. President shared with us that it was said that God had to go to the other end of the universe to try to escape the crying of his son (Jesus Christ) when he was going through the atonement. That is something really hard to try to even imagine. I try to think about the pain he went through but I can’t. It is impossible. But that same pain helps us in our very day. Worlds upon worlds are forever greatful for this atonement. But are we thankful? Remember God had to go to the other side of the UNIVERSE to escape the crys of his own suffering son. We need to be ever so greatful for this sacrifice. The best way we can be greatful is to repent of our sins and have that change of heart, the same change of heart when the Anti-nephi-lehites had when they burried thier weapons.
May we all come to Christ this week and be perfected in him.
Bonita Semana (: