April 18, 2016 – Week 80

None Were With Him

I’m pretty excited to be able to talk to y’all in a few more weeks and this time it is going to be for the last time! It’s crazy how time goes by and I can’t believe that this past Tuesday Jordan turned 18! I remember when I turned 18, it was actually pretty crappy because my girlfriend that I had at the time had just broke up with me and I was pretty bummed out. But I’m actually glad it happened!

Anyways Jordan happy birthday to ya! That’s pretty sweet that you turned 18 this past week! I can’t believe you’re a cheerleader as well. I hope you still surf and skate too, but I have no idea how you follow with that.
The mission life is pretty hard. This week we have received nothing but PURE REJECTION. We also got to talk with another Jehovas Witness, but she rejected the Book of Mormon when I asked if she would like to have one. She said she wouldnt even read it, but I respect her agency, becasue that same book I ended up giving it out to someone who really wanted it and who was so anxieous to read it. We found an older girl knocking on doors and she just left and quit drugs about 4 months ago, and then we were able to teach her. She said she was looking for something (religion wise) that would just fill her, and that she felt like what we have shared with her is that very thing.  I told her that the feeling she was feeling was coming from the spirit, I had given her the Book of Mormon and she was really excited to read it and to go to church. But other than that this WHOLE ENTIRE WEEK, we have just been rejected.
I dont want to spit out any apostacy or witchcraft, but I guess this is what I need to feel so I can understand what Jesus Christ had went through. There is a cool conference talk about that, and I think it is by Jeffrey R. Holland, and its called ¨And none were with him¨ because honestly just about everyone was against Jesus Christ, and really today as well, just about everyone had rejected him. It’s really not me that they are rejecting, but it is Christ because I am just his servant. But I am trying and working the best I can to be able to take Christ to all of his people.  I have never been more upset and worried about the salvation of someone else, ever before. Today I really felt that way when we went to go visit our investigator V******.  He had been doing really well, but unfortunately after 1 whole month without drinkning he started up again, and he didn’t get drunk which was good but he did drink like 6 beers, and I honestly felt really bad for him because he had spent a lot of money on it and he felt bad becasue he drank.
When he started feeling bad, I started to feel bad with him. I never once in my life really understood the stripture of our baptismal covenants in Mosiah 18:9-10, when it says mourn with those that mourn. I really felt sad with him as he told us what he had did. The love of God is absolutely great, when we are sad he is sad, and when we are happy, he is happy. I feel the same with my investigators as well, especially with the example of V******. I had really developed love for the guy – an actual charity. And through me and him, I have felt the love of God. I’m starting to understand the scriptures more fully as I teach my investigators and as I contact other people and knock on doors. Christ felt the same way, for he had a perfect love towards all men. He even loved the people that left him and betrayed him, he loved the people who killed him as well. We know this because he said, “forgive them father, for they know not what they do.”
I’m starting to develop charity for all people and especially for those who I teach, and I’m starting to develop more of a understanding of how Christ felt when none were with him. It’s a hard feeling but it is necesary for our salvation.
I love all of you. Hope you have a great week! (:

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