April 11, 2016 – Week 79

Hey Dad,

For a reponse about my toe issue, well they actually have several foot doctors here but I refuse going to them. My ingrown toenail came back already and I’m gonna take it out again probably later on tonight. Last time I took it out it was about an inch or a inch and a half grown inside my toe, it kinda sucks, but it doesnt affect my walking. I can walk fine, but the concrete and sidewalks and roads here are all garbage so I stub my feet a lot and that stuff HURTS! I’m gonna wait till I get home to get it removed like the last one I had, because I looked up the procedure here in Mexico and I don’t like how they do it. It takes way to long and too much pain. Better to get it done in 3 seconds by that sweet doctor down off of Baymeadows.

     Anyways time and life down here in the mission field are going really really good. It is extremely hard, and its probably something I wouldn’t have signed up to do knowing before hand the things I would have to go through, but I’m so glad I did and it has changed me eternally.
     This week I had a experience with someone from a different religion, he was from an apostolic church. He was a reference from a member from our ward, well we went to contact him and we just contacted him like everyone else and then he started asking a lot of questions about the Book of Mormon and the prophets and Joseph Smith. He asked me who the twelve apostles were, and never before in my life have I had to name all the aspostles. Good thing I was able to do so! Then after that I didn’t know what else to tell him, he really didn’t want anything, but I was able to testify to him that the authority and power of the Priesthood is here on the earth once again. I also told him that we represent the only church with that power. He then asked me ¨so the Mormon church is the only true church on the earth?¨ Never before in my life have I been so sure of the response I had given him. I looked him in the eyes and told him YES. I don’t know why such a small experience had such a big impact on me. I even got up yesterday in sacrament meeting and shared my testimony on the power of the restored Priesthood. I knew the church was true and always knew of it. But in this moment I realized that the restored power is to bring the families together again and for forever. Unfortunately this man didn’t accept and was a little offended about the response I had given him. It makes me think of the people that like going to a church where they only hear the things that they want to hear.
But God tells it how it is, he doesn’t give us the answers we want to hear, sometimes he does. But God says what he says and we have to accept it or not. Nephi understood the concept, I will go and do which the lord hath commanded me to do. My testimony of the restoration was ever so increased at this moment.
Love every single one of you and hope the week goes well!!!

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