March 28, 2016 – Week 77

Called Upon God

I have been thinking a lot today of what i would write in my email back home.

First I would like to give you guys an update on what’s happening here in my sector and the mission life and to answers Dad’s questions. Yes Dad, I do sleep well and I guess you can say I eat well or decent. I only eat once a day with the members. Sometimes it sucks, but there’s this phrase in Spanish ¨Ni modo¨ or oh well, so mostly I just have to suck it up till the next day and hope that I eat something better! and anyways a progress on my weight report- I have lost a total of 40lbs in my mission which is something really sweet! I really hope that I can drop another 20lbs more. Also I have been getting some major back problems, I’m sure I talked to you about them before, yep, they never went away, but now it’s worse, It hurts about 75 or 80% of the day. I’m probably going to go to the doctor this week to get it figured all out and after I talk to Hna. García, but I talked to her before and she said I have to do exercises. But I have a long time doing them and they haven’t really helped me for crap, so I’m going to get my back checked out later on this week. Also, I yanked out half of my ingrown toenail. It took a couple of minutes to take it out, but I would rather take it out myself than have the doctor here do it. I looked up the procedures they do here and I watched a little video then I got sick from watching it and I’m not having that done to my toe! I refuse to get my ingrown toenail out here in Mexico, so I’m still waiting to get the whole think out when I get back home.
      This week in our sector we have been able to put 8 baptismal dates with 8 different investigators! We were really excited to be able to do so. About the family with a lot of kids, we visited them and we put baptism dates with that family and some other people that live close by to her, but we were so excited for them to be able to come to church with us. Unfortunately when we went to go pass for them on Sunday there was no one there, it was pretty crappy, out of 12 people that we have committd to come to church there was only 1 person that came, it was really sucky and I felt really bad about it as well, but ni modo. I guess I have next week and this whole week to try to be able to do it again… I kinda feel bad that they didn’t come because it really is for thier OWN GOOD, but they aren’t really understanding I guess.  It’s really frustrating.
     This week on Sunday as well in the church, I don’t know what the Bishop was thinking but he decided to make the EASTER SUNDAY all about temples….. I was kinda upset about that as well because it’s like they forgot about the Atonement! How can you forget about it on Easter, out of all the other days of the year, it’s Easter Sunday and you don’t even talk about the Atonement in all of sacrament meeting! I was actually kinda mad about that one there. But oh well. Ni modo.
     I’m really getting excited for General Conference that is coming up and that we can hear the voice of the prophet! I really hope that I can have some investigadores attend. Especially V******. He came to church with us again the other day and he is really enjoying it.  I remember the fist time he ended up contacting us, I can’t remember if I told y’all or not, but he was drunk and he started drunk talking to us in English, which I did not understand him really at the point of time and he said he was with the Jehovahs Witness and they told them that there are no such thing as miracles and faith healing anymore, that it doesnt work and that it all went away with Jesus Christ. He asked us about our beliefs and he asked us to put our hands on his wife’s head like Peter and John and to bless her like they did, and we told him we have authority to do so. I don’t know how in the world he was able to ask that question to us, it was probably one of the most faith-inspired questions I have ever heard in my life, coming from someone that was first- drunk and second- no backround of so called ¨Mormonism¨ in his life. As soon as I heard that question, I knew that he was undertaken by the devil and powers of being drunk, but that he was looking to come out of it. As hearing the question and responding to it, I acted upon the spirit and I knew that they could be healed through a preisthood blessing and that the question he asked was a call upon God to get him out of his darken state. I think about Joesph Smith in this situation, that he was calling upon God right as satan waas trying to take control of the situation. Joseph was attacked becasue satan knew that God and Jesus Christ were about to appear to the young boy to start the Restoration. but in all of his might and will power he was able to make the call upon God, in which, he was promptly visited and the restoration took place. In despite of the attempts by our investigator to ¨call upon God¨ we were able to give him a blesing and shortly after his life long addiction to drinking alcohol was ended in just a short period of 1 week.  Satan knew his life was going to change as me and companion had visited his house, and to take him the very restoration of the gospel, this man’s life has changed forever in his call upon God. Even though he was drunk the spirit was so strong in that room, that he and his pain-striken wife were able to feel it and we as missionaries did as well.

When was the last time that we have really Called upon God and what does that even mean? 

     I can now see that in my mission and the history of the church and the Book of Mormon, that people’s lives are completly changed by calling upon the Lord to help them out of their afflictions. Everybody has sins, but we need to do better, and the only way that God can help us is if we can call upon his name. Heleman describes calling upon God the following way:
Helaman 3: 27-29

27 Thus we may see that the Lord is merciful unto all who will, in the sincerity of their hearts, call upon his holy name.

28 Yea, thus we see that the gate of heaven is open unto all, even to those who will believe on the name of Jesus Christ, who is the Son of God.

29 Yea, we see that whosoever will may lay hold upon the word of God, which is quick and powerful, which shall divide asunder all the cunning and the snares and the wiles of the devil, and lead the man of Christ in a strait and narrow course across that everlasting gulf of misery which is prepared to engulf the wicked.

     When was the last time that you have called upon God to help you in your problems?      

When I was talking with V******, he asked how could he overcome his addiction.  I promised him that his addictions will be cured through daily reading of the Book of Mormon and prayer. I know that as we call upon God and read the Book of Mormon, our problems will vanish, and we will not have the desire to do bad anymore.  There is a cool story in the book of Alma about the Anti-nephi-lehites when they burried thier weapons of war. They knew that the shedding of innocent blood was terrible, they knew it was a sin, but they covenanted with God, that they would bury their weapons of war as a testimony in the last day that they would rather die than to sin. I challenge you all to bury your weapons of war. Bury your sins, don’t do them anymore and call upon God to help you do so. I ever so promise that if you do so, you will come to be like the anti-nephi-lehites and that you would rather die than to sin. I really hope that I can become this way as well and I’m trying to do so myself!

There comes times that we forget or we don’t want to bury that one weapon.. and we sin again… satan makes us want to feel like it is the end of the world and wants us to feel miserable as unto himself. But it’s okay, for that very purpose Jesus Christ chose to die for us.  Just imagine, all of the pains of the word of everyone who has ever lived, everyone that will live, all paid for, every single one of their sins in their 70-100 year lives. It was paid for in the garden. He bled from every pore. He suffered so that we wouldn’t have to. He did that for you. And you can become clean by the atoning blood of Jesus Christ. Read the book of mormon, I can really promise that if you read the Book of Mormon before you sleep and when you wake up, you will never have the desire to sin again! It’s maravillosa! There was a reason God told Nephi to keep a record of thier family and to pass it along for generations and generations. There was a reason that Joseph was called to translate. It’s because 2616 years ago, God knew that you were going to be going through problems. He loves you and so do I, and he blesses the ones that read his word, the Book of Mormon.  Love you guys so much and hope you have a great week!


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