March 7, 2016 – Week 74

This week was awesome! We didn’t really have any success in our finding investigators and finding new people to teach but we had a fairly decent week this week. We had a lot of fun. We were going to baptize yesterday the homeless guy that we have been helping, but it was raining yesterday so he never came to church. It was a real bummer, but hopefully next week we can be able to baptize him.

This week it was really hard for us to find new people to teach. In our sector there are so many wierd people and it is becoming really difficult to find people. But we are trying to knock on a lot of doors and then contact a lot of people. There hasn’t been much success in our sector for a long period of time, but I am hoping to change that!!!
The other day we were able to find two people to teach, his name is V***** and her name is M****. So V****** contacted us actually he yelled at us in the street in really broken English right after we had left the food appointment. He was really really really drunk, but he had said something really really interesting. He said he believes in God and he said that he was visited by the Jehovahs Witnesses a long time ago and they told him that there are no more miracles. He was shocked when they told him that, but he asked us if there are miracles today, and we told him yes there are and they exist. He said can you guys put your hands on my wife and heal her like Peter and John and we told him that yes we could. We went into thier house and his wife is in really bad shape. He can’t do anything because he has been an alcoholic for about 19 years. Both of her kidneys have failed and she has to pay for dialysis every week. She has to do it 3 times a week and she is living off of the money that the goverment gives her. and she has her dialisis down here because it is waaaaaayyyyy cheaper. but its a really sad situation because of her kidneys she has become really over weight and she can barely walk. and as well she gets a lot of blod clots (for lack of dialysis).  But her husband is a drunkard and he wants to quit because he is always drunk and cannot take care of his wife.  He has to wash her and bathe her and do everything for her, its a really sad situation and its great to see the gospel of Jesus Christ come into their lives. They have the desire to go to church and to be baptized!!! I told them that the church is 2 blocks from their house and they were shocked and were very happy that it is so close by. They said they were going to go to church on Sunday but we have no idea how we are going to do so becasue our church is a worship house and you have to go upstairs. She doesn’t really walk so we are going to see what we have to do! We ended up giving them blessings and it was really awesome and a really spititual experience!! Hopefully they can progress and be baptized.
Also this week about nightfall we were walking outside by Mexico-US border and we saw this guy walking right next to it which is a federal offense because there is federal ground between the two countries and all of a sudden this guy hopped on top of the fence. and he started climbing his way up top!! this guy literallly jumped the border and crossed into the United States. It was absolutely hilarious because there was a bunch of barbed wire and I think he was cutting it and he ended up crossing after being on the fence for about 10 minutes. anyways attatched is apicture of him!!! Love you guys Bonita Semana 😀[?]
Mexican Border Crossing

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