March 14, 2016 – Week 75

Hey everyone, this week was a pretty good week and we had it rough as well. It just seems like we cannot find anyone to teach and its really difficult, but I feel like a lot of time is being put forth in a different work with the financial part of the mission and the church. I really like it here in the offices and being around the president all the time and with the assistants, its really cool and quite fun at times. But this past week was pretty rough. There are a lot of references that need to be taken care of, so we have been helping a lot with the references( referrals) from all parts of the mission and we are giving conferences all week long to all the zones about how and what they need to do with the references.

I feel like we get our success in a different way than other missionaries. When the misison does really well with its baptisms and all of that, I feel like we helped them achieve that, and also apart from that we can baptize as well. We still haven’t and its been really hard, but we are trying. The president keeps reminding me of how important my role in the misison is, with all the stuff I have to do with the church’s money. I honestly feel that the money of the church is probably one of the most sacred objects on the earth today. I feel privileged to work with it. This week V***** went to church with us!!  It was really great to see him there, we had been visiting with them all week long  and they have been in pretty rough shape. It’s also really sad as well because he has been COMPLETLY WASTED every time we have seen him. The only sober time he had was when he went to church. When he is drunk it litteraly looks like he was about to fall over.  It was actually kind of funny seeing him come outside to try to unlock his door, he couldn’t do it, he had to give us the keys through the gate to open it for him. It was funny. Him and M**** are pretty upset, because he really doesn’t know how to stop his addiction, he literally lives off of alcohol (tequila) he drinks a liter of tequila everyday, if not 2 or 3 liters. It’s really sad actually to see people so addicted becasue they literally have no control of themselves because they have been fully completly taken control by the powers of the devil. I promised him if he reads the Book of Mormon every day he will never have the urge to drink. He’s been getting a lot better his drinking issue is diminishing, and now it will for sure becasue he won’t have any money to do so!
Also this week I talked to a really cool lady from the Chula Vista ward in CA. She’s an author and owns a factory here in Tijuana, her name is Mary Hill she has a book called Paper Dolls you can look it up, she was really really cool! I talked to her for about an hour in the migration place waiting for my companion to finish renewing all the visas for the missionaries that are coming up on about a year.  She gave me a lot of good tips about college and how it really isn’t necessary to go, she just graduated from college from BYU and shes got 4 grown kids and some grand children. I talked to her about my dream of having my own fishing reel company and she said that the marketing part is the hard part, but I’m pretty good at that because I’m good at selling things! SO HOPEFULLY everything will work out just fine, and honestly this is probably the longest letter I have written to y’all here in the mission. Anyways thanks for the messages Grandma and Pawpaw and everyone else. I love all of you and hope that your week goes well! Les Quiero! (:

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