February 29, 2016 – Week 73

Hey Mom, this week has been pretty good! I’m really happy that you were able to go to Lauren’s cheer compettion in Tampa and thats pretty sweet that they ended up getting 1st place! That’s awesome and hopefully as well she is 1st place in the seminary class as well!🙇 Anyways, this week was pretty hard we have had a lot of stuff to do in the offices. and getting ready for the transfers that were coming up, but everything went pretty well. Today as well we received the new missionaries that came into the mission and now I’m offically by myself. Elder Larsen left this morning to Mexicali and I’m here in the offices. Dad asked me about how long I’m going to be here and it is quite possible that I can finish out my mission here, but i doubt it. I am probably going to be here for about another 4 months or  more I honestly have no idea, but the secretary jobs are usually for 6 months. Elder larsen had 9 months as a secretary!! So we will see how everything goes! I have learned a lot and it’s pretty sweet.

It’s pretty cool being a secretary in the mission. I like it, but it is also really hard because we only have half the time to find investigators because half the time we are working in the offices, we work here from 9am to 2:30pm and then after we eat with the members (sometimes) and then afterwards we are off to proselyte from about 4 to 9 o clock so sometimes its really hard to find people to teach in those hours. On Saturday and Sunday are normal working hours! We were going to baptize L***** this past week but he was sick so he really never came out of the salvation army. He pretty much lives there now, but he’s doing a little bit better. He’s trying to save up money to go back to his home town.
Hopefully we can be able to baptize him this week! He has been coming to church every Sunday now! It’s pretty cool. I have a goal to baptize 10 people as a secretary. Mostly all of the secretaries have only baptized like 1 or 2 in their whole time as missionaries, 6 to 9 months, but I have set a goal to baptize 10 people and I really hope I can be able to do so. It’s going to be really really hard, but I know I can and I will do so!
There was a cool section of scripture that I was reading in the Book of Mormon when the Anti-Nephi-Lehites buried thier weapons. It was a symbol to follow God and to never sin again. Later in the chapter we read about how they perferred to die before they would sin. I feel like we need to do the same. All of us have bad habits, why cant we just bury those weapons and serve God? Maybe we are a little bit angry or maybe we shout at people or get mad really easy. Or maybe other things or bigger things. It’s something I’m doing right now as a missoinary and I’m just going to work really really hard with the time I have left and here in the offices so I can be able to baptize and reach my goals! I haven’t really been able to baptize my mission, I know it really doesn’t matter, but I want more converts and to really start getting a lot better at teaching.  I told Elder Larsen to tell his brother to put his papers in the 1st of August! Hopefully Jordan can be able to do the same! Elder Larsen was probably my favorite companion that I have had! His mom sent me a tie this week too! Tell her that I really like it and thank you for it and that it was really nice of her. Also this week well today we received a new asistant to the president and his name is Elder Peñaloza from Mexico City. I forgot to tell you that the secretaries share a house with the assistants, so there is me, Montes de Oca from Mexico City and Peñaloza from Mexico City and this is Elder Whitt’s last transfer from North Carolina!
Anyways, love you guys so much! Have a great week! (((: 😎

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