February 22, 2016 – Week 72

That’s great about that sweet Daytona 500 finish! I’m not a really big fan of either one of the drivers.  I think my new favorite driver is Kevin Harvick now that Jeff is gone, but I’ll always been a fan of Hendrick motorsports. Anyway, that’s great that Lauren had her cheer competition in Dallas and how the heck is she getting to all of them? Are y’all flying all over the place? If so, hopefully you can rack up some frequent flyer points so we can have a sweet trip to some different country when I come back home. That’s awesome that she is dedicated to that. Hopefully she is just as much dedicated to her scripture and seminary reading and doing as well!!!  And Jordan also!

This week was filled with a lot of rejection in our sector and it has been pretty hard.  We knocked on a lot of doors and contacted a crap ton of people this week and we honestly have nothing. The secrataries hardly ever baptize. And the sector where the secretaries is located is always really tough.

Our sector is filled with a whole bunch of weird people, like over the top….. Like this week this guy came up to us I’m pretty sure he was on meth or something and then he started talking to us in English and started giving us thanks and saying how greatful he was to see Americans in Mexico and he had a really whiny high pitched voice. We started talking to him about Jesus Christ and then he started saying stuff about the Pope and how he was coming to Mexico and then that there was some people that killed a tamales guy who was selling tamales, and they shot him 4 times (in our sector like 8 days ago) and he told us and then he started crying for him in the moment he was talking to us, and then he started cussing in English like A LOT. He started cussing out the Pope and some other stuff and Mexico and it was really funny because it is honestly hard to take people seriously like that.
This week the homeless guy came to church again. He’s been coming to church for about a month now and we are going to baptize him this Saturday if everything turns out well. I kinda feel bad for the guy he came up here to Tijuana to find his 15 year old son, but he never found him and he has been stuck here for 6 months without any money and he has been living in the Salvation Army when he can and when he has money, because it costs to stay there even though it is pretty cheap. If he can’t make it there he sleeps in the street in his sleeping bag. The last Sunday he came to church I gave him money so that he can stay in the Salvation Army all week long. He really appreciated it, but the whole week he was in the hospital for some problems he has with his legs. He can’t work becasue of his health problems. He has his family in Jalisco, Mexico and his house down there but he doesn’t have any money any clothes, nothing! But it is great to see the Gospel of Jesus Christ touch him and that he can get baptized, hopefully whenever he goes back to his home in Jalisco his family can also get baptized. Anyways I’m doing great with health and stuff like that. The misisonary thaat got switched out was because there was a series of events where a missionary got sent home. But all is good no one got a gun up to their head. All is good! I love you guys!!!!
Border Hopping - Darin

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