February 15, 2016 – Week 71

Yes mom that was me who sent that book to you!! jajajaja That’s kinda funny you didn’t know where the book came from. I don’t know if you liked it or anything, but I heard it referenced in a talk I was listening to and I thought it would be something that you would be interested in so I had it ordered for you. Anyway, Mom this week was really good! I hope you got those pics from when I was at Pampas. We also went today with the mission president and his wife and with some other missionaries as well. It was really dank! I really love cow intestines, sooo freaking good to eat. They also had lamb leg today as well and it was also good.

This has been a great time in the offices. I have alot of stuff to do and a lot I have to organize but things are going really really well and I like it in here. I think pretty soon they are going to put me in charge of the baptism records as well, but we’ll see what happens! That’s dope that Madie wacked a deer with the Tahoe. She should have just thrown it in the trunk, that’s what I would have done!! And then I would have cooked that sucker up!! Thanks for all the birthday wishes and I hope you you guys have had a great Valentine’s Day. Love you ! (:

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