February 1, 2016 – Week 69


(Hope is the Anchor of Our Souls)

This week has been pretty rough for us here in our sector and after all that has been happening here as misisonaries. We had really high hopes to be able to baptize about 5 people in this month of February and things are just going downhill from that. We have to get another guy divorced and then married, we have to get another sister married to her husband, and then after all one of the coolest guys we have didn’t go to church and we figured out that he had some major problems before. He’s a really really cool guy though. He got divorced and he quit smoking and he started to live the law of chasity, it’s great but it was pretty hard to hear that he had some of the previous issues that he did… its a long process for people that havve committed those sorts of sins to be able to get baptized. They have to write a letter to the First Presidency explaining what they had did and why they did so. Hopefully we can put him on this process, but we really don’t know how long it is going to take.

Tuesday as well was a pretty hard day, but it’s okay. Everything that happens in this life happens for a reason and it is for our own good. But I know if I do my part the Lord will bless me and will bless my life that is now coming. The time is really flying by and I can’t beleive it is February. Time really goes by fast when we are working and especially being the financial secratary in the mission as well. Time just zooooms by.

     I’m really trying my hardest to be the best missionary I can be and I have been thinking about it a lot this week as well. Life is hard, the mission is harder, but the Lord will bless me according to my efforts. I really enjoyed the package you sent me and thanks for the pants because they fit me perfectly! Thanks for sharing your testimonies as well. I haven’t read yours Dad or Moms yet either because they are like 8 pages long, but tell Jordan and Dad to write a little better hahaha – I had to use a urim and thummim to read that thing! Anyway, I LOVE the Lord and I am relying on him every day to take away my loads and to bless me. I have the faith that he will do so. I hope y’all were able to listen to that talk by Maxwell called Spiritual Ecology. Love you guys!!! GO TO THE TEMPLE!

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