January 18, 2016 – Week 67

Hey Mom & Family,

     I just got transferred out of San Felipe and the nice beachy area and now I’m here in the offices of Tijuana working with 2 companions. Elder Larsen and laso Elder Montes de Oca. Elder Larsen is from DC and Elder Montes de Oca is from Estado de Mexico. ELDER LARSEN IS IN MY GENERATION and it is really awesome that we are going to be working together for this transfer and I’m pretty excited to be in the offices. So whenever your package comes I should be getting it pretty soon, which hopefully it can be pretty soon. Also you should be getting something in the mail today from under your name. I was listening to a conference talk and I had heard about it and I thought you would enjoy it. So I got it for your birthday. 

     Anyways I’m pretty excited with this new assignment that I have been given! This past week was pretty good with all of the transfers and my last week being in San Felipe, but now I’m in a new place and we share an apartment with the assistants as well and they are also really cool. I’m sorry that I wasn’t able to write to you yesterday, I didn’t have time because of the transfers and everything that was happening, but I am perfectly fine! I’m really glad to be back in Tijuana again and it really feels like I’m in a different country because after being in Mexicali and San Felipe for so long and then coming back to Tijuana it is really different. But I’m really enjoying it, and I’m probably going to be here for a really long time. I’m pretty excited to be able to do so as well!!!! 

     I can’t believe mom is turning 40!!!! It’s crazy but also it is pretty awesome as well. And I’m really excited to be turning 21 here in a few weeks!!! We’re probably going to have a party but we will see what happens! I send y’all my love and I hope that y’all have a great week this week! I’m doing fine mom and my back is good. I did talk to Sister Garcia and she told me I just have to do exercise so I’m doing it and it doesn’t bother me anymore. Also, I’m sitting down for almost half the day in these offices, hopefully I don’t gain weight but I doubt it because there are huge hills up in this mug, and it’s really tiring! Love you mom HAPPY EARLY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!! 

Darin at the Offices 01.2016


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