January 4, 2016 – Week 65

This week we had a lot of stuff to do with trying to get all of our baptismal dates and everything organized so that they can come to church.  Unfortunately none of them came because of various reasons, but it is what it is. We are ready to be back at it again and to try it over this week starting today which is always exciting, but after getting torn apart by mission leaders its pretty hard to keep going. Me and my companion are doing everything we can to find new investigators and to get them to go to church. We honestly now have a stronger testimony of satan and of the church, because there is always an opposition in all things. BUT OUR INVESTIGATORS LOVE THE THINGS OF THIS WORLD MORE THAN THEY DO JESUS AND GOD.

On top of all the stuff that is going on this week and in the mission life, we are actually doing pretty well. Health wise, as a 2016 goal I think all of the Americans want to do exercise, well I’m one of those Americans. I started out by using this ab roller thing and it had 2 wheels and a handle bar that you pretty much sit on your knees and roll out with it and then you roll up with it and it actually just tears your abs apart so hopefully I can always use that thing so I can look like Channing Tatum here in the near future. (;

     The president is really helping me alot with the work down here and what I really need to do as a missionary to help get these people to understand that this is the only true church on the face of the earth. It’s really hard but it’s really awesome and I really enjoy it. We really are working hard, every week we have the best stats in the zone, but we have our difficulties as well as any other missionry but we are really trying hard to do all we can to get the work going and to turn this branch into a ward here in the upcoming future.
     Tell Grandma and Pawpaw I said hi and that I love them and can’t wait to go fishing with them again! I got some sweet hook ups here in Mexico for when we visit here, from boats and four wheelers, to great mexican food, and lodging, well concrete…. anyways I love all of you and hope that you guys all have a great week.
PS… despite everything, the church is still true.

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