January 11, 2016 – Week 66

This week has been really really hard after all of the stuff that has been going on here. We had a lot of investigators and unfortunately none of them ended up going to church….. again, which really sucks. It’s been really, really hard trying to get things put together and finding new investigators, but we ended up finding a family last night which was a pure miracle.

      Things have been pretty hard and it just seems like this week everything has completely fallen apart which really really sucks. The misison is  really hard and there is a lot of stress. And I feel like I have alot of stress. People are really just not listening to us and it sucks.  But oh well… we had a man that wanted to tell us that Joseph Smith wasn’t a prophet and I can’t stand it when people tell me that. It sucks. I get mad and my companion just kept trying to discuss with him and I just told him we have to go, so we ended up leaving. But we did find a famliy of 5 last night that really needs help! We were knocking on doors, and then a 14 year old came out and we asked him if we can share with him and his family a message and he said hold on. He went inside for like a minute and opened the door and said come on in. We taught them the gospel of Jesus Christ.  She told us at the end God answers prayers really fast because I just prayed and ask God to send someone to teach my sister and help her and her famliy issues (her sister’s husband had kicked her out of the house and they have been married for 36 years) and we told them that we are sent by God to be there in that moment. The spirit of God was there and it was great to be able to teach them and we are going to go back on Wednesday. It’s so awesome. Also, they live right across from our ward mission leader! So I really hope we can help them progress to the point that they can get baptized.
     Our famliy of 8 that we were teaching basically fell apart because thier son came in and starting saying a whole bunch of crap about how all the churches are the same and they are all good and all this nonsense. We explained him that is not the case. Hopefully we can be able to get that famliy back but we will see what we can do.
    Anyways bad news. Last night we were walking and I really jsut woke up with some issues. my spine started hurting and I would say my back, but it’s like my upper and lower neck and then my legs started hurting. I’m going to talk to Hermana Garcia and hopefully I can get sent to a chiropractor, but we’ll see what happens. I don’t really feel too hot anyways on top of that, butI’ll live! I love you guys and hopefully all will be good! I’ll talk to you all next week and I love you!

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