Elder Wilkes Testimony of the Book of Mormon

The Book of Mormon is the most correct book on planet earth.

It literally is the cornerstone of our religion. If we had taken all the bibles out of the world, our church will be the only standing church on the face of the earth. I love the Book of Mormon. It is the answer to all of our problems. If anyone has any question on anything write the question down on a Book of Mormon and read it and by the time you are done, your answer will be solved. Then by the end of your life you’ll have a full bookshelf of them suckers.

I have given out hundreds and hundreds of Books of Mormon on my mission and for every single person that has read it, it has changed their life. It literally is MORE Jesus Christ put into our lives and when He is in our lives more, we are blessed. The Book of Mormon is true. We are commanded to read it and to follow its teachings. It is going to be one of the books we are judged by in the last day. We need to read it, it is a nessisity of our lives and the anchor of our church and our beliefs.

The other day I had an experience where some gentil church dude (a church that’s only in Tijuana, San Diego, and Tucson) wanted to tell me the Book of Mormon isn’t true. I told him he was wrong, but I gave him and his wife one anyways. I told them to read it and that it contained the fullness of the gospel. I really hope they read it and gain a testimony of it.

As missionaries that is our goal – to let people gain a testimony of the Book of Mormon and its truthfulness, just as the introduction and Moroni 10 states. Read it, meditate it and pray about it. If you do so you will gain a testimony of the Book of Mormon, which means that Joseph Smith was a true prophet of God, and that our Savior is the Savior of the world, even Jesus Christ, and that we are His kingdom built on the earth today in the preparation of the second coming.

The Book of Mormon is the only thing I ENJOY reading, along with some other church books because it changed my life forever. If I could go back in time to change just one thing, it would be to really listen to my parents when they told me to read the Book of Mormon.  But now I enjoy the true doctrine that it teaches. It holds the very keys to our personal salvation.

Elder Wilkes - mission office


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