December 28, 2015 – Week 64

Hey Mom, it was really great talking to you guys at Christmas as well. About the guy with one leg – he had actually ended up going to sonora with his family so we haven’t been able to get to teach him, and on top of that at church this week we didn’t have a single investigator that we were teaching show up which was really really crappy and sad at the same time because we had worked really hard to do so, but for whatever reason they didn’t come. We did have about 50 or 60 Americans that ended up coming to the branch this week and it was actually really cool to have them all there it kinda felt like the Jacksonville Beach ward when they were translating in Spanish for that time.

You should go ahead and send the bday package because it gets here in about a week. I would like Nike golf pants because it’s going to be summer again soon and I really like those pants. They are sporty so they don’t get too hot on my legs and what not, like i want some tan ones and some blue ones. and then some cool ties like you sent me before.

I was really glad to be able to talk to you guys as well this Christmas. I always look forward to it and it was great. And yeah you are right until the next time in 5 months and the time usually for that goes by super duper fast.  I love you guys have a great week!!! (:

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