December 14, 2015 – Week 62

Dear Familia:

We are doing a posada here as well and I’m really looking forward to this season as it’s absolutly great! I can’t wait for everything awesome that is going to be going on this Christmas time. I apologize for last week as well I kinda cut y’all off but it wasn’t my fault. The computer machines were in the bus station and you have to put 10 pesos in. I got one of the 10 that were there to work and the others didn’t, but after the 30 minute time was up it cut off and I tried to do it again but it wouldn’t accept my money -stupid thing. So I didn’t get to finish my message of EXCITEMENT for the week that was coming.

     This week has been absolutely amazing. Unfortunately we really haven’t had any time to do our regular missionary work because of all the traveling. I always forget that I am 5 hours away from Tijuana and 2 and a half hours away from the nearest missionaries and zone, so we have spent about 5 days of this week just traveling to Mexicali and Tijuana. We haven’t had that much time to be able to work which sucks, but it is what it is and it has been a wonderful experience! This week as well we have to go to Tijuana again because we have to renew our visas on Wednesday so we are going to be spending days traveling again. The good news is that tomorrow we have a baptism! I’m so excited and it’s wonderful; she’s a great lady her name is F*** and she is FINALLY getting baptized.
     The cultural celebration was absolutely beautiful. I literally saw everyone from my mission, all the famlies and the people I have taught and baptized. Two people that I baptized were participating in the cultural celebration and dances.  It was wonderful! We also had 2 investigatores from here in San Felipe that participated and hopefully their mom will let them get baptized soon. Their mon was able to go to the cultural celebration as well.
      Mom, I have never seen so many youth that are strong in the church in one place, even in a different country.  It was amazing!  I was in tears, because so many people just wanted to follow Christ. There were literrally 3000 or so kids that participated, it was WONDERFUL! When we were walking back to our seats they wouldn’t let us pass by, we were a group of about 50 people or so right there and we were in the right place at the right time, it was when Pres. Uchtdorf and Elder Oaks got out of thier car to go up into the stadium they said Hello to us and it was great. I felt the spirit instantly and it was powerful. I felt like I was going to pass out like a little girl at at a One Direction concert – it was AWESOME!
     The celebration was a good hour and a half and it was amazing, then to top it all off the dedication on Sunday was beautifully done. With the corner stone celebration and the dedication, it was awesome and I have never felt the spirit so strongly in my LIFETIME!! I can definitely say that my faith has about exceeded the limit, I feel like there is going to be a tree branch that is going to sprout out of my head pretty soon. When we sang The Spirit of God I couldn’t do it and I could barely do the Hosanna shout because I was filled with immense joy and the Spirit of God. The people here have been waiting a long time for the temple here in Tijuana. Before the people couldn’t go to san diego because of the difficulty of going into the states so they had to travel 12 HOURS by a bus that is really expensive to go to the temple in Hermosillo. Now they can almost walk to the temple. It’s wonderfully, beautifully amazing!! Mom you have no idea how great it feels. I have now been a part of 3 temple dedications. I can’t wait until we get a temple in Jacksonville!
      I’m going to be doing Skype with y’all Friday morning Christmas day, at about 10am my time which will be 1 pm your time and I got my Skype account ready! I love you guys so much and this weekend has been amazing!!!!!!!!!!!

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