November 9, 2015 – Week 57

I really enjoy the month of October and November because I like the fall colors, but the only fall colors I get to enjoy here is the color of sand and brown because everything is dead and dried out. First of all y’all didn’t tell me who won the Tennessee game the other day, so hopefully it means it was them or you just don’t want to tell me the bad news. I’m so stoked that Jeff Gordon has clinched the 1st spot of the chase standings. I will be so freaking happy if he wins it as it is his last year in his career. He usually does really really well at the Homestead Miami Speedway so I really hope that he will get the win and the checkered flag!! It’s a bummer that I will not be there to see such a victory.
Anyways things are doing a lot lot better here in San Felipe, but with my companion kinda so but who knows, I give up with him the president said hes going to be changing us but not until after the transfer but well see. Hopefully I can stay here in San Felipe because I really like it here and I enjoy everything about this área.
Tomorrow, well tonight we are headed to Mexicali for a misisonary conference and then tomorrow well be coming back so we aren’t going to be getting too much done these days. Then I have to go to Tijuana soon to renew my visa becasue you have to do it every year and now I’m more than past the year mark.  We will be heading down there once again the following Saturday for the temple open house and I am so freaking excited to be able to go to it! I cannot wait it’s going to be absolutely amazing!! I will definitely send y’all pictures from this excellent experience I will have. I absolutely cannot wait, I am stoked!!!!
Dad, college basketball is about to be starting up so I will need scores from that as well!! Love all of you and I hope y’all have a great week!

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