November 16, 2015 – Week 58

Hey Mom and Dad and Bloggers and Family from all parts of the States and Dad’s Aunt that’s probably in Africa right about now:

This week has been really good actually. Me and my companion have solved just about all of our problems and everything is perfect. After a 2 hour companionship inventory everything was solved and good, and also after a lot of tears, but it’s all good and my companion is like my best friend. After this transfer we are getting switched, but he is coming down to his final stretch so he will be getting transferred here pretty soon. But it is what it is. I talked to the presidente about this whole situation, he pretty much just told me to deal with it and that Joseph Smith went through even worse situations and I should be more like him. I understand his point of view and he’s got a point and is my president.

We have been getting several people ready for there baptisms this week and we should be having several in the month of December.  Hopefully all goes really well so that these 7 people can get baptized. One of them is named V**** the guy I told you about earlier. We visited him this week and he told us a lot about his stories of him in the Mexican mafia in the jails up there in Michigan and other jails here in Mexico. He was a really bad dude, but the gospel of Jesus Christ can change people and we have seen this change in him. I’m just hoping that the First Presidency allows him to be baptized since he’s had so many problems.
Everyone here is getting ready for the temple open house and it’s a marvelous experience that we have to be able to take part in this event. Here in San Felipe we are going to the temple on the 28th of November.
We are really really excited to attend the open house this month! Also hopefully the Americans here put on a Thanksgiving dinner for us for the up coming Thursday or whenever the turkey day is. I really miss having those ward turkey bowls. Hopefully I can put together one down here in Mexico but play soccer instead because that’s what they like more down here. Today I received your Christmas present and I will be sending it soon along with my camera memory card with like 1000 pics on it.
Also here’s a message to the birthday girl:
Hey lauren its your older brother Darin – I know tomorrow is your birthday and I have not forgot I promise! I remember when I turned 16 and I had a pretty solid birthday party with all my swag hahahahaha just kidding! Don’t be kissing and dating too many dudes now that you can!!! JUST KIDDING, do it but not too much because it upsets your mother 🙂 because you are still her baby! Anyways I love you so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so much and hope you have the bestest birthday and send me a pic of your license when you get the chance I wanna see it! Love you Lauren (:

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