November 2, 2015 – Week 56

Hey everyone from all sides of the world, bloggers and my family,

This week has been a great week and the start of a new transfer. I am now in my 10th transfer in the mission which is pretty crazy because I never knew it would be here this fast. I now have less than 11 months in the mission and time is going by really really fast!

Anyways this week was really great. We had a trunk or treat activity in the church on Thursday and a costume contest. It was a blast and there were a lot of people that showed up to it as well. It was a good turnout. Also there were a lot of people that brought candy, but I don’t really want to say it was trunk or treat since no one has cars because they can’t afford them. It was a great activity though.

Then on Saturday we had a youth conference and we had to help with it because they needed our help. We taught the youth on how they can be missionaries now. It went great and then they played sports and stuff and we ate lunch there and it was really great! We had to be in the house by 5:30 because for whatever reason it gets really dangerous here. Not so much here in San Felipe because there is a crap ton of gringos, but in other places they throw rocks and eggs at people that are in the street. But anyways we had to obey.

All is going well here in San Felipe, just sometimes i have problems with my companion but it is helping to prepare me for the future with my wife. And by the way it will be within a couple months after my mish hahaha just to let y’all know! I have a dope surprise for y’all for Christmas and you are going to love it! I’m sending y’all a Christmas package through the Mexican mail system and it should get there by Christmas time haha but I’m not going to send it until a good bit because I don’t have it all together still but y’all will love it and there will be stuff in there for Grandma and Pawpaw as well. I’m getting pretty excited for this Christmas and to be able to talk to you guys.

Today we finally bought gas and we can now have hot showers. I took about a 40 minute hot shower because I haven’t had a hot shower in about 6 months and I definitely enjoyed it. Also about a month ago I fell on my back while throwing a football around and now I have back problems. I need a chiropractor, but there is not one here in San Felipe. There is an American here that gave me some pills from the other side but I’m starting to have some back issues and it bothers me a lot and I’ve been having it for like 3 weeks. On the good side my ingrown toenail went away – I took it out myself with nail clippers and my hands and it kinda just grew out! I hope all of you have a great week this week and I’ll talk with you again the following Monday and soon at Xmas! LOVE Y’ALL!


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