October 26, 2015 – Week 55

Hey everyone,

This week was transfers and I am staying in San Felipe again for the 2nd time and it’s awesome. I’m still with the same companion and it’s getting better (mostly because I think I need to have a better attitude about things), but I really feel like this week is going to get a lot better and we will have a great transfer this 6 week period.

     The Holland experience was great! He didn’t just give a talk for like 2 hours, he got down off the podium and he walked all around us speaking to us as misisonaries about how we can never be the same. We need to have our conversion strong and keep it firm in Christ! It’s something that I always want to have. We got really pumped up from his talk and it made us repent of all of our wrong doings and to start over again and to work harder and to do better in the mission.
     One thing Bishop Maughan always taught me when he was our young men’s preisdent is every time we are not doing so well and we sin or we just keep messing up, we can start over – have a reset button on our life. That’s what me and my companion are going to do right now. We are going to have a reset and to do better as a companionship and in the mission as well. We read a Gene R. Cook talk about Purification and I challenge all of you guys to read it this week and especialy Jordan. This is what me and my compa are going to do so that we can get a better start on things and to do a lot better in the mission. Hopefully Tennessee Vols can have a purification as well! Ha ha We are going to start today and it lasts 40 days and it begins with a fast so that’s what we are going to be doing.
     It’s a bummer that the Vols lost. We really should be undefeated and number 1 in college football, but it’s never the same since Manning and Fulmer left. Hopefully we can have a great comeback the end of this season and I’m really happy that Jeff Gordon is still in the chase so hopefully he can win it. Also Joey Logano is awesome! It makes the autographs that I have from him more valuable! hahaha So hopefully this week Jeff and the Vols can both win.
     Mom, I thought a lot about my Christmas presents this week and I also want moon pies and some Honeycombs for whatever reason. I don’t know if grandma can make that a gift for me. haha I want a crap ton of moon pies of the banna and chocolate ones and also I want a speaker to listen to music too. There’s one i want called a jambox mini and I want the model orange dot (it’s just an idea and there’s a ipod shuffle in the house and you could send it with the jambox with a bunch of church music on it as well). I would like it but its just an idea and the jambox on Amazon are a lot cheaper.
     I hope all of you can have a great week this week and that everything will be good for y’all! Love all of you (:

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