October 19, 2015 – Week 54

Mexico TJ Mission with Elder Holland
 This week has been a little bitter sweet. Well the crappy part was is that the couple that we were going to to marry pretty much backed away and they just make up a lot of excuses.  I have a lot of patience and don’t mind, but unfortunately my companion does not. So he pretty much just dropped them. The wife came to church with her daughter, but her husband worked and was not able to make it so whatever. They didn’t get married and they didn’t get baptized. I was pretty bummed out. Also this week my companion tore his foot muscle and we couldn’t work for like 3 days because he couldn’t walk and it was the literally most boringest time of my life, but now everything is good and we are back up working.

The Holland meeting was absolutely great and it was a 2 day trip. We left here on Friday at noon and we took a big pizza on the bus and then we fasted. It was great! Then we arrived in Mexicali to the stake center and I saw Fernando and Jose, some of my great friends that I love and are amazing. Unfortunately I couldn’t talk to them because my companion has no patience for anything and needed to buy something so I couldn’t talk to them for too long and I kinda felt really bad, but oh well it is what it is. Well after 5 hours in a bus all day we got to Tijuana Friday night at like 8 o clock and then we headed to another missionaries house and then in the morning we went to the church and Holland came at like 9ish and we took a picture with him and it was absolutely awesome. Then we got to hear from him and from Benjamin de Hoyos from the Seventy and another Elder from the Seventy, but I forgot what his name was. It’s like Montejon or something like that, but it was absolutely great. Holland spoke with us, just the missionaries and it was awesome. It was with all of the missionaries in the mission and it was absolutely great and awesome!

He talked a lot about being missionaries for forever and how we need to always keep our conversion, becsuse it makes him sad when a returned missionary goes inactive and he doesn’t understand why it happens. It really strengthed my testimony and it was awesome to hear him and I got to shake his hand as well and I immediatetly felt the spirit. It was wonderful to see him and all of the missionaries in the mission and all of my old friends like Elder Larsen that I have not seen in about 9 months! He is awesome! Tell his mom I said hi!

Also I had to give a talk on Sunday and I talked about sacrifice. I’ll tell you more about it the follwing week because right now I’m running out of time and we gotta take off and I’ll send you some more stuff the following week because right now I dont have too much time.  Anyways, I love y’all so much! Thank you for everything.


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