October 5, 2015 – Week 52


Dear Mom and Dad,

     I have been pondering a lot on the words of our General Authorities from this past conference. I even took 16 pages of notes! I really loved the PONDERIZE idea. This week my scripture is 2Nephi 2.26-27. And how do you like the 20 year goal?? Should we do it as a family? I think so – I started today.
     I was really blown away by the words of Jeffrey R.Holland about the role of mothers and their importance.
I know it isn’t Mother’s Day, but we can pretend because everyday should be Mother’s Day! I really have been born by my mother. I also like at the end how he talks about sin and having to stand in front of our mother and Jesus Christ. It really makes me scared about that one (only because I had to do it a couple of times and it isn’t fun). I sure caused mom a lot of heartache in my short 20 years of life. A crap ton of heartache! But she BORE with me to get through it. When I am hurting she is hurting and when she is hurting I am as well.
     Mom this is the only time that I am going to admit that YES YOU LOVE ME MORE, because not only you did you deal with me being in the womb for 9 months and traveling down to the local Kmart to buy chocolate – because in the womb I’m sure I loved chocolate as well, but you also bore me for my 20 years of life and for the rest of the time for which I will live. I have the most beautiful Mom in the whole wide world and the most loving and caring as well!
     The other day I read a funny quote about lawyers. Marion G. Romney once said when he was a boy, he went up to the gravestone and it read Here Lies Joe Brown, The lawyer, and A Good Friend. He shortly said after why did they bury 3 men in the same grave? hahaha it was pretty funny! Anyway, to all the mothers out there that read my posts I want to thank all of you for your wonderful service and especially my Grandmas as well from both sides. I love all of you!
     This past week was a pretty good week, but this next week should be even better because we have 2 baptisms on Saturday and we are marrying 2 people. It’s going to be pretty dope! Hopefully the one guy can pass his interview because he has killed someone in the past. But he’s really cool. I told my companion that the guy is going to have to write a letter to the First Presidency asking for baptism but he told me that no he doesn’t. So we will see what will happen to him this week.
     I have been having a couple of problems with my companion as well because he treats me like complete crap, and I’m sick of it.  He also does a little bit of bullying to me as well. Sometimes we get along fine and others not so much. I really just quit talking to him because there is no point if he’s going to be like that. I really want a different companion because he’s lazy and doesnt do much either. It sucks because I want to work and to baptize, but he is lagging and dragging me down not just physically, but also spiritually and mentally. I even think I’m gaining a little bit of depression from this as well. So please pray for me ): I’ve had a lot of bad thoughts lately as well. I told my mission president as well a little about this today in my email to him so hopefully something will work out.
     But anyway, the Lord’s work will continue with me! I love all of you guys have a great and wonderful day and don’t forget to ponderize!

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