September 21, 2015 – Week 50

I’ve learned a lot living here in Mexico and from the members of the church. No matter where we live God knows exactly what is going on with our families. We dont need to hop the border to make more money or to have a better life. If we truly live the gospel and pay our tithing and strive to be self-reliant then God will help us prosper wherever we are. Sure the Mexican economy sucks and the American economy is better, but that doesn’t mean anything. The scriptures are very clear, especially the Book of Mormon, “KEEP MY COMMANDMENTS AND YE WILL PROSPER IN THE LAND.” The land is everywhere and not just the United States. The promised land is the whole continent of the Americas not just North America, but people don’t understand that somethimes.

     Anyway Mom this week has been pretty good. Except for the part that Dad told me Tennessee lost to Oklahoma, but hopefully this week will go a lot better and they can win in Florida. It’s been 9 years since they won and I really hope this time they can do something to win. If not I’m going to be pretty pissed off and I can’t be pissed off because I’m here in the mission.
      This week has been really really good here in San Felipe. This past Sunday was great! Yesterday was my first time translating for church in sacrament meeting. There are about 8 to 10 Americans that need translatng and all of them are pretty older couples and it’s great, I really enjoy talking to them. Right now I am at a family’s house named the Christensen’s, and they are really awesome. They live here now retired in San Felipe. They once served as mission presidents in Uganda Africa and their house is filled with stuff from Africa. Their house is huge and it is right next to the beautiful beach here! I wouldn’t mind buying a house here in the near future. They also recently just got back from their second mission in New Zealand. They remind me exactly of Grandma and PawPaw. Sister Christensen is the Young Women’s president and yesterday she taught the class and I had to translate for her. Her husband is the ward clerk. Yesterday as well was my first time translating and it was pretty difficult. I had to go fast because they talk so fast and it is hard to keep up, but also I gave a talk yesterday in sacrament meeting about the Atonement of Jesus Christ. I really enjoy giving talks in church.
     I will have to send you pics the following week because I didn’t think we would be writing here so I didn’t bring my camera.  I forgot it at the house but I’ll  send a bunch the following week so don’t worry! Dad asked me a couple of questions and the Americans here are all retired and live here because it’s cheaper and there are no gangs here and no thugs. Really it’s actually quite safe we live in a dope apartment its pretty sweet and this week we are headed back up to Mexicali again for a conference with the mission president. On Saturday and Sunday we have branch conference with the mission president as well. It’s pretty awesome things seem to be going great here in San Felipe we are also planning for baptisms this week, but they need to get married so pray that they will for us!
     All is well and all is good this week. The temperature dropped again and it’s supposed to be in the low 80s all week and a little bit of could coverage and it’s pretty awesome weather. We are using bikes here but my bike sucks because the gears broke so it’s stuck on the highest gear and it burns the hell out of my legs, but it is what it is! Anyway, I love y’all and have a great week!!!!!

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