September 15, 2015 – Week 49

Mom & Dad,
     San Felipe esta bien suave, it is beautiful here!  The thing is the área is freaking huge and there is a small branch here of about 60ish members and a lot of them are Americans that come here on vacations. I’m going to have to translate almost everything in English for them because they don’t speak Spanish which is pretty cool. They also have the beach and the ocean here, it’s on the coast of the Sea of Cortez. It’s pretty awesome and the wáter is like a really, really pretty greenish color.
Sorry I wasn’t able to write to y’all yesterday, but I got permission to be able to write today. Don’t worry though, I didn’t have time yesterday, but I am doing fine!!! (:
     It’s pretty hot here but not as hot as Mexicali. The temperature is going down to about 99 degrees and on Saturday it will be down to about 103, but tomorrow night it will drop down to about 63 degrees, which is nice. The house that we live in is absolutely awesome! We live on the second story and you can see the beach right from the house which is pretty cool. I’ll send pictures of it the next week. Guess what today is my 11th month in the misión and the time is flying by really, really fast! In this transfer I will only be left with a year! And it is going to go by so fast.
     Tell Grandma and Paw Paw thanks for the package they sent me. I got it the last day that I was in my sector. Thanks for all the junk food! I frekin’ love that stuff. But Mom guess what? I lost another 5 pounds and today I ate some food that didn’t really agree with me some I’m about to lose a litttle bit more! I’m pretty happy about this new área here in my sector and my new companion is Elder Mera and he is awewsome!
     The Mexico City temple dedication was absolutely something else. It was absolutely awesome and it was rededicated by Henry B. Eyring.  One cool thing was that Jeffrey R. Holland spoke and gave his testimony in Spanish!!! it was awesome!  Towards the end when we sang the hymn, The Spirit of God. I couldn’t even sing it because my heart and spirit was filled with joy and it put me to cry a little bit for the joy that I have that the temple is reopen to millions of people that can partake in the kingdom of God here in the the mortal life. I can sure tell you that the spirit of God was there and it was something maravilloso. i can testify that there was not a dry eye and there was not a one that did not feel the spirit it was absolutly aweosme and to be able to bring one of my new converts there it was wonderful.
     Anyways things are good and I love y’all. Have a great week this week and I hope everything was awesome in NYC!

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