September 7, 2015 – Week 48


Hello Familia,

     This week has been pretty good and there was a lot of stuff that we had to do this week to get ready for the other baptism that we had. Yep we had it! We had a baptism this week and it was awesome. I was able to baptize her. Her name is Dolores and she’s awesome! We have been trying to get her baptized for a long a time and she finally was able to get dunked. I’ll send you pictures in a minute and also the pics from the last weekend.
     Thats pretty awesome that Brian lives right next to the Charlotte Motor speedway and what the heck did they move up there for? Anyway that’s pretty dope! It’s awesome that Hyrum looks EXACTLY like Jordan when he was running around in those buzz lightyear underwear days. (hopefully Jordan still doesn’t use those) ha ha
     This week was pretty awesome and everyone here is getting ready for the following Sunday because we are going to have the re-dedication of the temple in Mexico City and it is being transmitted here to our mission! So I will be able to go to it the following sunday which is completely awesome to be able to attend 2 temple dedications within a couple of months! Who knows if I’m going to be here another transfer but I think I will be. We will find out on Saturday night.
      I love each and everyone of you and want the blessings of eternity for our family. LOVE y’all!! Until next week. God speed the Right.
-Elder WIlkes
20150907.Darin Baptism.3 20150907.Darin Baptism.2 20150907.Darin Baptism.1

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