August 24, 2015 – Week 46


I titled the following, Mexicali Miracle Summer 2015 for a reason, and here is the reason. It is because we are BAPTIZING 4 PEOPLE this coming Saturday and I’m freaking excited and happy and nervous all at the same time, because i dont want anything bad to happen at this time. The whole entire mission had a fast the last Tuesday and Wednesday and this Tuesday and Wednesday we are doing it again to keep baptisms up and up. Not only do we have 4 on this Saturday, but after the following 2 weeks we should have entered about 8 into the waters of baptism which is something awesome.

     The power of fasting is real and especially helps us with blessings when we fast in over 100 degree heat. That fast was like the hardest thing I’ve ever done in my life, to the point where I stopped sweating after about 3 hours of fasting, and then when I finished the fast, the sweat came gushing out of my body like a river and it was gross! Anyway, the same is going to happen tomorrow and it is going to be awesome because we are going to have so many more miracles and hopefully more people to baptize.
     Other than that everything has been pretty good for us working here in Mexicali.  Summer here is almost over and in another three weeks the heat will drop to about the upper 80s and will be a lot better. When the fall comes around it should drop again to about the 70s, but there’s this weird phenomenon that is supposed to be in a week or so called El Nino, in English as well, and it’s supposed to rain in all of Baja California for 2 weeks non stop or so. Hopefully people don’t drown here because there are no drainage systems since they are all clogged up with dirt and trash.  Hopefully I don’t drown either! I’m thinking about building a ship just like Noah, but well see how that goes.
      Something else, about three weeks ago we had a companion exchange and on this day we had to go really far and we got there with the last little bit of money that we had had, and then we had to walk about four miles because we were off track. After where we got to where we were going, we ate with this family and then we left. We had to walk because we had no money and we ended up walking to the church because we went to go teach someone by there.  We walked about 8 miles to get there and then after we walked about another 2 miles. All in this day we walked about 15ish miles and it was a crap ton and walking all that time in the 110 degree heat gave me an ingrown toenail. It never went away and I still have it.  I refuse to go to the doctor here because they are going to be worse than what happened at the doctor when I had the one taken out at home which was about 30 minutes of excruciating pain, so hopefully I can get it to go away. It hurts pretty bad, but it doesn’t affect my walking so hopefully soon it will go away. I have a lot of faith.  The doctor’s technology here is like 50 years behind. But other than that I’m pretty good! I love y’all so much and I’ll send y’all some more pictures here in a sec!
Elder Wilkes
Danger! Extreme Temperatures

Danger! Extreme Temperatures

Darin - Comp

The beer collector - he's a member too!

The beer collector – he’s a member too!

Darin - Horse Darin - Field Darin - Bus

Our apartment

Our apartment


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