August 3, 2015 – Week 43

     This week has been pretty cool! We have been working really really hard and we are getting ready for more people to be baptized.  Unfortunately this past week we did not have a baptism, but this week it is very possible that we could have one. So pray for us! His name is Edgar and he’s pretty cool. We have been teaching him for 3 months now and I think it is about time for him to be dunked.
     Good news – I went to the street flea market today and I bought a camera cord and it works so here in a few minutes I’ll send you a couple of snappers. We just started the new transfer today and I’m staying here in Mexicali through all of AUGUST. The month of August is the hottest month here and it will get up to about 125-135 degrees, and that is NO JOKE. This week its supposed to be at 114 all week.  But we were eating lunch at a house and they were watching the news in this small room so we didn’t really have a choice but to listen to what was going on.  The El Nino is here and because of that phenomenon it hasn’t really been as hot as it should and it has been raining a little more than usual as well. But the sun is back out and you can see my sweat lines and its pretty gross! The other day we walked about 15 miles and that is no joke and when I got home I took my shirt off and it was yellow, like a dark yellow and you could definitely tell. It was freaking gross! I wish there was something that you could buy to make it so you don’t sweat. But the only thing I could think of is not drink water. I did a full fast the other day and I really didn’t get thirsty or hungry at all and it was a good one. Hopefully I can get more blessings from it.
     This month of August we have a goal of 6 baptisms which is something very possible for us right now. We pray every day for the success and we work hard! Things are going really well. We are having a difficult problem of having investigators in the church but I was talking to the president and he told me just to have faith. Clearly I can believe, but if I don’t work then my faith is dead. For whatever reason in my mission I always have issues of getting these people to church. It’s really hard. I’m praying and reading to figure out what I can do other than to work with my faith.
I know I’ll come up with an answer soon because anything asked in faith, beliveing that he should recieve an answer, shall be given him, and that comes from the book of Enos.
     I had to give another pop talk in church the other Sunday.  I’m really tired of giving pop talks because it is really difficult to talk about things on the fly, but this time I talked about the missionary work inside the ward. The truth is our ward is fried, so I planched (slammed) them on about how they need to work and the last words of my talk was “if you do not work in the work of the Lord (or in general) you are working towards your own condemnation.  These things are true and I testify of them that they are true. The Lord is coming and he comes rapidly- amen” it was pretty awesome.
So you guys need to work, go out with the missionarries and give them stuff to work with and references, INCLUDING MY FRIENDS, give ALL OF MY FRIENDS ADDRESSES AND STUFF TO THE MISSIONARIES!
     Guys, I’m fluent in Spanish! The president said my Spanish is almost perfect and this was about a month ago when he said that. My English sucks and I can’t spell worth a crap, but I love all of you (:

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