August 10, 2013 – Week 44

     This week I will have 10 months in the mission.  I don’t know where the time goes these days, but everything is going well.
The baptism didn’t happen this week, the guy is still waiting on his answer to the Book of Mormon. Last night we read the Book of Enos with him and he really liked it.  He’s a really cool guy, 18 years old named Edgar. We are going to go visit him today as well. This week we dropped all of our investigators and we are trying to find new ones. Seriously, no one goes to church so we can’t waste our time with them, so we’ve been finding new ones! But here’s some good news. Today we made a list of everyone that we can baptize this month and it is a list of 9 people! Me and my companion have agreed to make these 9 people our priorities and to visit them daily and to get them ready for their baptisms, so we are working really hard to baptize these 9 souls. So brethern, pray for us, that we can get these people into the waters of baptism.
     For the most part though everything is going pretty good right now.  Unfortunately, the people we were going to eat with tonight cancelled on us but the bishop said we can come eat with him and his family. We went right after church and then his wife left to go buy us pizza. I felt pretty bad that they had to go buy stuff and break the sabbath but that pizza was freaking good and I ate 7 slices.
     About the family and the temple, there’s a lot of messed up families that I see and teach. A lot of kids falling into drug addictions and getting pregnant at 14 years old (that’s no joke). All these things screw it up for them, but when a family has the gospel things are a lot better, and when they actually keep the commandments the home becomes sacred, becomes a temple where the shafts of satan cannot enter! It’s something really awesome because I was reading in Alma that when we obey the commandments satan cannot have control over us, and also we learn about that in the temple.  I love yall so much! Have an awesome week!!

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