July 27, 2015 – Week 42

Hello everybody its 110 degrees right now and I am dripping in sweat! I hope all of you are having fun at the beach and Disney World during the family reunion. I wish I could be there, but it looks like I am because grandma cut out a stand out of me! Well on Sunday you know what I’d been doing if I really was there – sitting on the couch with Uncle Donnie blasting the TV watching the big race. Hopefully Jeff pulls it out this week. Anyways Mexico is going nuts because they just won the gold cup in soccer and they are getting moved up in the tournement.

     This week we were blessed to have another baptism this past Saturday. Her name is Cruz and she is 13. Her uncle baptized her and it was awesome! We were privileged to baptize her. I just really hope she stays active. Me and my companion have had the best numbers in the zone this week. We taught 39 lessons and had a baptism and the last week we had 37 lessons and the week before we had 35. It’s really hard to keep doing what we are doing, but it keeps everything and everyone happy especially the mission president and our leaders. This might be my last week in Mexicali, but we won’t find out until Saturday. This week as well we might be having a baptism or 2 but we have to check on a couple of things first, hopefully everything will turn out fine!
     Hopefully all of you are having a grand ole time there in Florida. I sure miss y’all because I have to deal with druggies, drunks, half naked women that won’t obey the commandments, teenagers that are 14 and pregnant, and all of the above. It’s pretty hard trying to get people to change the traditions of thier fathers, but few change and the others end up in prision, hell, with aids, or in the orphange.
     I just want you all to know that i am working like crazy out in this sun trying to bring people unto Christ. Anyway, here’s a spiritual thought for this week’s family reunion. It’s about families because it seems that is the theme for this Sonney family reunuion. The Family is the most important social unit for this time and for all of the eternities.  God put us with our families for some specific reasons. One is for the love that we need to have for everyone and for the bonds that unite as a family.  If a family doesn’t have love, well it ends up like a lot of people that I’m teaching and trust me you do not want these issues! The other is friendship, we need to always be there for one another, we need the support for when we are down and we need the encouragement for when we have done something good and are doing things right, the other reason is so that we can have the strength to return back to our Heavenly Father. When we figure out our true purpose in life, we love our family our brothers, we become better husbands, borthers and sisters, children of God, we gain control of the adversary, sharpen our sword of truth, our testimonies grow and we become strong. Live, laugh, love, cry tears of joy, pray always, and love God with all thine heart. And second… love thy wife and cleave unto her and treat her like a daughter of God.
     God speed the right.
     Love, Elder Wilkes

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