July 6, 2015 – Week 39

Hello my dearest family and friends,
     I want to tell you all I just got my arm xrayed and at 12:30 I’ll have the results on what happened to it, so hopefully everything is all good. I was biking the other day where the border is and we were headed to an appointment in the middle of the desert and I was riding by the line and there was like this little hill that curved down and there was some little trees and I thought the ground was hard, so i went towards the bottom with my bike and my front tire just sunk in the soft soft sand. I did a front flip off my bike and I landed directly on my arm and this happened Friday and right now it still hurts, so hopefully everything is okay with it. We went to the doctor on Saturday and she gave me some pills and the perscription to get X-rays. I just got the X-rays so we’ll see what happens.
     Miracles had happened here this week.  We didn’t have a baptism, but we have someone getting ready and she is going to have her baptism this Friday at 6 o clock which is awesome! We also had 7 investigators in the church!! We have always had like 1 or 2 and no one ever comes but this week we brought 7!!!! And next week hopefully we can have a lot more. We are doing all that is possible to find more and more people to teach and to bring to church. We are working really hard and getting ready for many baptisms and for many miracles this summer in Mexicali and next wednesday I turn 9 months here in the mission! Time is going by really fast. I can’t believe I already have 9 months!! Everything is going great,  I just had that problem with my arm this week.  I also think it’s time again for another one of grandma and paw paw’s care packages. (:
     Anyways things are great and I love it here! and by the way you can put the point on the map in Mexicali – there’s a couple of colonies that I’m working, Aztecas, Colosio, Pueblo Nuevo, Mayos, but put Santa Clara because that’s where the church building is.  Love y’all!

3 thoughts on “July 6, 2015 – Week 39

    • Yes he did, but it was much later than usual. Some of the missionary moms were saying their sons wrote them later and their letters were really short. I guess they had a busy P-day and they had a doctor come speak with all the missionaries on Monday about personal health so that took up some of their time as well.


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