June 29, 2015 – Week 37

That’s awesome Dad that Jordan is going to be able to go to youth conference on the 13th or EFY I forget which one it is, but that’s pretty awesome … you should definitely get that doctor’s address and give it as a reference to the missionaries.

     Awesome picture of the Temple mom in Sao Paulo, Brasil! That’s awesome that yall have been down there all week, one of my Zone Leaders here in Mexicali lived in that city for 6 years. Sometimes he speaks in Portuguese and I understand Portuguese, not perfectly but I can understand it.  I wanna learn it!
     Anyways this week has been a little bit easier on the heat, which has been good, but it’s still a 105 to 110 every day. This week has been pretty funny of what we experienced. We’ve been visiting this family that lives in the desert, a little like the last house in our sector, it takes 45 minutes of walking just to get there and there are these 5 people there that they took in.  They are 5 friends from Honduras and they have traveled up here to Mexicali by riding on cargo trains and boats trying to get to the states. They have tried 3 times and have been caught and deported back to their homeland in Honduras each time. We were there when 2 of them left on Saturday.  They walked to the mountains and then they climbed the fence and jumped it.  They walk really far because they don’t want to cross the American canal. It’s pretty funny  – so right before they left my companion wanted to give them blessing….. he asked me to do it as well, but I refused because I can’t support people doing things illegal. However, my compa went on with it anyway. One of them is staying here a little bit longer so that he can collect a little bit more money so when he crosses he can be a little more set.  We are actually teaching him. He’s 21 years old and has been traveling solo. He’s really cool – I forgot what his name is because it’s a really weird name, but hopefully he can stay here a little bit longer and that he can get baptized and also go to church! He is living with a less active family, that’s how we found him. This less active family has a lot of problems. The dad wants to kill his son and his wife. His son is 29 and he doesn’t sleep because he said if he sleeps his dad will kill his mom, so he pretty much has to protect her all the time. They also asked us to dedicate thier house because they saw a little girl in their house and it freaked them out and the Honduras people saw it and they left running in the middle of the night because they were scared.
Also speaking of little girls.. I was sleeping thursday night and I was drifting off to sleep but wasn’t fully asleep and I woke up to a loud bang.  I then look at the wall in our room where the bathroom door is and I saw a girl standing there.  I was wide awake after hearing the bang and I saw this girl and she was wearing all black and I feel like it is the daughter of the girl that I saw about a month ago, but who knows. I have dedicaded the house like 3 or 4 times and I always feel the presence of evil in the house and that someone is always watching me, other than God, but who knows. I don’t really feel quite safe in the house and I think we are going to change it pretty soon. Today I put a bunch of pictures of Jesus and the temples around the house and on the windows to keep the Jehovah’s Witnesses and the bad spirits out.
     Also pray for us because we might have a baptism this week. Her name is Guadalupe! Hopefully she can just feel ready, and hopefully she has asked God! Anyways I think everything will go well for this week! Then in 2 more weeks we have another baptism of this girl who said she wanted to be baptized. Her name is Cruz and she is 13 and it’s awesome! Things are going really well right now and time is going by really fast.
     Love all of you! And hope you have a great week.
     I have one request… I want y’all to send me stuff to make banana pudding! becasue they dont sell Nilla Wafers or banana pudding flavor pudding mix here in Mexico! Also a camera cord. And also a crap ton of cow tales! Love all of you bye!!!

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