June 22, 2015 – Week 36

     This week has been pretty crazy, we haven’t been finding a lot of new investigators lately, but we’re gonna try this week to find and to teach a lot more people. The people here literally don’t want the restored gospel and it’s really difficult to keep pressing on, but we do anyway.
     This week I have 2 experiences, the first one was really weird we were teaching this guy and his friend in his car shop they work together and there is no one else that works with them besides them. The guy shared with us his conversion story to the gospel…. this isn’t our church it’s some other church group, but he said he went to a place with 4 other gospels and 7 other churches and they had some service in a field, really weird, and he said the preist was going around saying prayers in the gift of tounges and then he touched the peoples head. Then he said he saw lights shining out of the peoples head and they would scream and shout and then they would pray to god because they have been healed and then he said after this he had a dream where Jesus came to him and told him to go preach the gospel and then he said that Jesus put his hands in the water and sucked up all the water from this river to get power or something and then he saw him shining and there was like thorns that came down and covered his arms and he just had power, it was something really really really weird what he said. After that we went to go teach this one guy his name is Eduardo, he’s freaking awesome, I contacted him and gave him a card that had pictures of Jesus Christ on it, and he said he saw this before in a dream, he was praying that someone would come teach him to preach the gospel to him, and he said he saw the card and me in his dream and said it was an American and he came to him to teach him English as well. I was shocked and I really felt the spirit.  The other day we went back to go visit him and it was like 8 at night and we were talking for a good bit and this lady came in, one of his friends, and she started talking to us and attacking the church and saying a whole bunch of BS. She just got so pissed and started atacking us with Bible verses and me and my comp were explaining to her what these scriptures mean and it was hilarious because she just made no sense and she was getting PISSED and I was explaining her that how Jesus established his church and she got more pissed and she almost hit me, but she didn’t because I’m sure if she would have touched me she would have been stricken by the force of God.
It was crazy! After she left, she left running by the way, Eduardo told us he was sorry for that and that in that moment he didn’t know who that girl was because he saw the face of satan in her and I really did feel the presence of evil in her and she just wanted to attack the church, but Eduardo is awesome and we are going to continue to visit him.
     Anyway this past week it was 114 degrees to 118 degrees every single day of the week. and it completely sucked! Also the other day I ate 15 tacos of carne asada and I almost threw up, but we were having a contest and another American beat me  – he ate 16 and he’s 135 pounds!!! It was aweome and fun. That completly sucks that Jordan broke his leg. Just tell him the longer he sleeps the faster it will heal and tell him to eat stuff with calcium.  I know how he feels because I wasn’t able to do anything for 2 and a half months last summer and it completly sucked. So I know exactly how he feels! Tell him I love him and I’ll be praying for him!  Also tell him don’t let it get him down, as soon as it heals I’m sure hell be back in the water surfing and will be back skating.
     Love all of you! I’m losing more and more weight here. I barely eat because it’s just too hot and I get full on water and watermelon. Everything is good though.  Also this week we ran into 5 people from Honduras traveling up through Mexico on their tour to go jump the border. They are here in the desert and live with this less active family. They just got here 2 days ago and we’re gonna go visit all them on Tuesday, but they are pretty cool. They are all in there 20s. Hopefully they dont die or get shot!  Anyways love all of you and hope y’all have a good week. Bye!!!

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