May 25, 2015 – Week 32

Hello Mom and Dad,

I’m doing pretty good here in Mexicali, you don’t need to worry about me. It’s only 91 degrees right now but starting on Thursday it will be over a 100 every single day! I drink about a gallon of water everyday. On Saturday we had to fast because we weren’t doing so well in our sector. It was really hard because I was about to die of thirst. It’s gonna be really hard when we have to fast the next Sunday because it will be really hot again and over 100 degrees. That’s the only hard part is the no drinking anything, but oh well. In Proverbs it says trust in the Lord with all thine heart and lean not into thy own understanding, so i really trust in Him when we fast!

Anyways this week hasn’t been so good for us. There’s still hardly about anything in this sector and the people here don’t really want anything to do with the gospel because they are happy the way they are. It’s a lot like the vision of the tree of life. The people in the great and spacious building were happy the way they were – they didn’t want anything to do with the good fruit that was most desirable of all the fruits. I am little worried about the salvation of these people, after all they are my brothers and sisters, but they don’t want any help. Hopefully they can soften their hearts and just listen.

And it makes me think sometimes and how we just need to listen, Listen to the words of the Prophet, to our priesthood leaders, the bishop, OUR HUSBAND OR WIFE, our kids, our home teachers. These people can’t make us do anything, but if we listen with a sincere heart we will come to a sense of knowledge that we need to ACT. And then our actions will be good and then that these people (or us) will do what we need to do for the salvation of our souls.

I sweat a lot here in Mexicali and the back of my shirt and the sides are soaked everyday to where you can ring it out and drink from it. It’s really gross! Hopefully i can get used to it. And yeah Mom, here there’s a fault line and there are earthquakes almost weekly. There was one about 3 weeks ago and it was a 4.3 or something like that I haven’t felt any yet, but it’s pretty cool – I wanna feel an earthquake!

Anyways, I love y’all so much I’m glad to hear you were able to go to the temple. That’s awesome!



One thought on “May 25, 2015 – Week 32

  1. Hola elder es henry, solo queria dejarte un consejo. Trata de conoser a tu envestigador. Enpiesa con un acto de servisio lo que sea y cuando te dejen al aser el servicio habla de el ebanjelo!


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