May 18, 2015 – Week 31

     Mom, the people here just really don’t want to do anything and it’s really hard to just keep going even though the next door that you are going to knock on is a Jehovah’s Witness or someone that is an Atheist, it’s really hard. Right now I’m praying where I should cast my nets because I remember the story when Jesus said to his disciples, cast your nets on the other side of the boat, and when they did they were filled with fish.
     Me and my companion have printed out a ward list of all the people over 8 years old that haven’t been baptized, there’s about 8 of them and someone thats 44 that hasn’t been confirmed. We are going to go try to find these people and find out what’s up, so that they can get baptized. Right now we are just still working good, but it’s a little hard, but it is what it is.
Anyways it was funny in one way but sad in the other, yesterday during sacrament meeting somebody stole a members car and they also stole a stero and a car battery from our investigator. She was pretty upset … hopefully she will come back to church. It’s pretty dangerous here. There’s a bunch of drugs and smuggling here. We see the line here and someone told us there’s a bunch of secret tunnels here where people cross with trucksloads full of drugs to get them here in Mexico and to cross the line with them.
     Also our ward is pretty small. There’s only about 70-75 members, most of them are really old men and couples.  There’s hardly any youth or primary, but the ward seems pretty cool. There’s also a new rule in the mission that we aren’t allowed to drink soda anymore ): but oh well. I think they said we need to drink more water and when we drink soda it doesn’t take away your thirst. Something like that.
     Ask dad what happened to the sports updates!!!!!!!!!!?????? hahaha I’m just kidding I really don’t care anymore, it’s not that important. Anyways Mom, I love you I have to go. Hopefully you have a great week! ((:

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