May 11, 2015 – Week 30

My companion is the District Leader here in my area.  His name is Elder Rodriguez. He’s pretty cool and is from Puebla. I’m in the zone Mexicali and my area is called Baja California. I feel pretty weird, as though I were in a dream. I don’t know why but other than that I feel really good and I’m really happy! That’s awesome that the one elder is in a gated comunidad, we are living in a cubed box that has a bathroom and is 200 sq feet, but we have an air conditioning unit!!! The area here seems pretty cool and my companion is awesome.

      I also have a bike here as well. The missionaries before left them here for us, but the misisonaries before didn’t really do anything so thays why that they took them out. Both me and my comp are new to this area, but everything is good so far (:
     Today it’s probably 90 degrees outside, but who knows its really hot out there!  And I have sweat stripes from my backpack. I’m going to lose a lot of weight here. There’s a water place like 4 houses to the left of us where we fill up a 5 gallon jug and the mission gives us a big thing of gatorade to make drinks with every month which is awesome.

     I told Jordan to not wait until I get back to go on his mission. He really needs to go when he turns 18 because once he is 18  and isn’t out on a mission, satan is going to work double time to make sure he DOESN’T go out on a mission, so he needs to go when he turns 18 because thats what the Lord had cammanded, through the prophets.

Anyways it was great seeing you guys on the skype yesterday! Love all of you hopefully you can have a great week!

     I love you mom. Have great week. (:

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