May 4, 2015 – Week 29

Esta chida mama! It’s pretty dope to be able to go to the temple and Disney! I’m writing to a lot of my firends and stuff that  I never get time to write to today because I’ll be talking to y’all on Sunday and then Monday through email again. Hopefully you will understand. About the Cinco de Mayo, that’s not a holiday here, it’s an American holiday thats celebrates Mexicanism. jaja It doesn’t even exist here. And yeah everyone here watched the fight and here in Mexico it was free! Sharai told me about the fight, she watched it and said it was crappy. Anyways, things are pretty good here in the big ole mish. We just moved houses and our new house is pretty dope. There’s no such thing as air conditioning here which sucks but it’s whatever. I made a video called MTV Missionary Cribs and you can see the whole house. I’ll send it to you soon. I think next monday I’ll send it because I forgot my camera. Grandma and Paw Paw sent me money and today we went to eat at Carls Jr. i haven’t eaten in like 20 hours so I ate 2 western bacon thickburgers and they were freaking dope! Then we went to go play pool (billiards) for awhile. Dad told me about the ward referrals, that freaking sucks! Three in 3 months? I can give the missionaries 3 referrals right now of my friends!!! You should put something like that on my Facebook where people can sign up and put their addresses to have the missionaries over at the houses of my friends. Anyways, hopefully you feel better mom. Can’t wait to talk to you this Sunday! Love you (:


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