April 27, 2015 – Week 28

      I’m going to FaceTime y’all for mothers day on Sharai’s phone and that way it can be easier. I think I’m going to talk to you at about 3 or 4 o’clock here that will make it about 5 or 6 your time. Also I want you to have your phone FaceTiming Madie so I can see all 5 of you! And grandma and paw paw if they come too!

     In answer to your question dad, I’ve been really privileged to give a lot of blessings here. Sometimes when I have to give a blessing I get nervous, but not anymore because any words that I say don’t really matter at all as it’s all to the will of the Lord and the faith of that person. The other day I was able to give a blessing to this girl that is really sad to leave her husband here while she goes back to Tennessee. I asked her if she wanted to and I could give her a blessing, so I gave her one and I think everything will work out for them (it is this family that mom is helping out as well).  She was really really sad to leave, but it is what she had to do for the family.  I really don’t like their mom. She is really really really REALLY Christian. She likes what she talks about and she is really difficult.  If thier mom wasn’t there I could have them baptized already but she’s difficult. One time I asked her a question and her response was 25 minutes long about all the bad things that have happened in her life and how those bad things helped her… she said she was testifying.. but it is what it is!
     Also i gave this person a blessing the other month that was really sick. She had a migraine for two days and she asked us to give her a blessing, and then as soon I was done and ended the blessing she said her migraine went away. It was really awesome. We have given a lot of blessings here and it’s a great experience!
     That’s awesome that Kevin Harvick is dominating. It’s like he either wins or comes in 2nd place.  Also how is basketball coming and who won the Masters? I saw in a newspaper that Jordan Spieth was dominating, but I couldn’t really tell.  Are y’all going to go to the PLAYERS Champ? Send me some pics if y’all do.
     Dad we were able to have another baptism on Friday. I would send you pictures, but I forgot my camera and it’s a pretty slow system here to send them.  Also, other good news is that one of our families (the Sanchez family) are going to the delegacion tomorrow to take their marriage lesson talk so that they can get married. I might not be able to baptize them, but the next missionary that comes in will have 4 freebies that week that I leave, or hopefully everything will work out and I can be able to baptize them. Also these Mexicans here are getting on my nerves, well just my comp really. Hopefully, I can get an American companion soon but if not oh well.  He got pissed at me the other day because we had exchanges and I was only to teach 2 lessons.  He got pissed and said that I just passed time beautifully and when the day before I was with him and we only taught 2 lessons, but he was happy and everything was fine! I tried so hard to teach that day but no one wanted to accept us and no one was ever home in their houses. I wanted to punch him in the face, but instead I worked out my arms for about 40 minutes and I destroyed them. I’ve been working out a lot. We have this 40 pound bench weight and I’ve been pressing that thing. Anyways, I have to go  – love you!!!

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