April 20, 2015 – Week 27

     That’s awesome that Sharai sent you that picture last week of the baptism. It’s better than me sending it because it would take forever. His name is Jesus and he’s 41 years old. Funny story about him, my companion contacted them about 2 months ago in the street. I went to go pee because I couldn’t hold it anymore and I was about to wet myself, so I went to go pee in an abandoned building (don’t worry we could still see each other). Then I came back and he was talking to them and he said we can come back another time. We never had the chance to go visit him and fast forward about 2 weeks, we had exchanges of companions and I was with Elder Vance and we were nearby and the spirit told me that I should go visit them (I just had a feeling) and they let us in. We taught Jesus and his Brother Fransisco and the lesson was great and I invited him to get baptized and to come to church. They came to church 5 times in a row!!! Later (on Saturday) he got baptized. it was wonderful! Fransisco was going to get baptized with him and then we found out last Monday that he wasn’t married. I got really upset because his wife isn’t really awesome, she’s really hard to convert but we are trying. They might be getting married soon though. I have 3 more weeks here in this area and hopefully I can baptize their family of 4 before I leave. I’ve been fasting and praying everyday so that they can be baptized. I’ve fasted 3 times this week and tomorrow is the big day we are going to put a wedding date with them for 2 more weeks ahead. Hopefully it goes well.
     Also this saturday we have another baptism of this guy who’s 16. He’s really cool and I’ll tell you all about it next Monday! Anyways this week has been really awesome we had exchanges of companion with the zone leaders and I was in their sector and the last person we went to go visit was this guy named James Haines. I will not ever forget him in my life,  He’s the funniest black guy in the world who barely speaks Spanish.  Well he speaks it, he just choses not to.  He is absolutely hilarious and guess where he is from… he’s from Gainesville.  Hates the Gators and his wife lived in Mayport for a little bit and they know all over Jacksonville.  He said so much funny stuff that I can’t type but remind me when we are on Skype and I’ll do some reenactments. He also gave me kool aid and he gave me some of the powder to go jaja. Anyways its been a great week and ive had a lot of good times. Love yall so much and have a great week as well.
-Elder Wilkes
PS This past 4 weeks I lost 25 pounds! My clothes are starting to get big on me ):

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