May 25, 2015 – Week 32

Hello Mom and Dad,

I’m doing pretty good here in Mexicali, you don’t need to worry about me. It’s only 91 degrees right now but starting on Thursday it will be over a 100 every single day! I drink about a gallon of water everyday. On Saturday we had to fast because we weren’t doing so well in our sector. It was really hard because I was about to die of thirst. It’s gonna be really hard when we have to fast the next Sunday because it will be really hot again and over 100 degrees. That’s the only hard part is the no drinking anything, but oh well. In Proverbs it says trust in the Lord with all thine heart and lean not into thy own understanding, so i really trust in Him when we fast!

Anyways this week hasn’t been so good for us. There’s still hardly about anything in this sector and the people here don’t really want anything to do with the gospel because they are happy the way they are. It’s a lot like the vision of the tree of life. The people in the great and spacious building were happy the way they were – they didn’t want anything to do with the good fruit that was most desirable of all the fruits. I am little worried about the salvation of these people, after all they are my brothers and sisters, but they don’t want any help. Hopefully they can soften their hearts and just listen.

And it makes me think sometimes and how we just need to listen, Listen to the words of the Prophet, to our priesthood leaders, the bishop, OUR HUSBAND OR WIFE, our kids, our home teachers. These people can’t make us do anything, but if we listen with a sincere heart we will come to a sense of knowledge that we need to ACT. And then our actions will be good and then that these people (or us) will do what we need to do for the salvation of our souls.

I sweat a lot here in Mexicali and the back of my shirt and the sides are soaked everyday to where you can ring it out and drink from it. It’s really gross! Hopefully i can get used to it. And yeah Mom, here there’s a fault line and there are earthquakes almost weekly. There was one about 3 weeks ago and it was a 4.3 or something like that I haven’t felt any yet, but it’s pretty cool – I wanna feel an earthquake!

Anyways, I love y’all so much I’m glad to hear you were able to go to the temple. That’s awesome!



May 18, 2015 – Week 31

     Mom, the people here just really don’t want to do anything and it’s really hard to just keep going even though the next door that you are going to knock on is a Jehovah’s Witness or someone that is an Atheist, it’s really hard. Right now I’m praying where I should cast my nets because I remember the story when Jesus said to his disciples, cast your nets on the other side of the boat, and when they did they were filled with fish.
     Me and my companion have printed out a ward list of all the people over 8 years old that haven’t been baptized, there’s about 8 of them and someone thats 44 that hasn’t been confirmed. We are going to go try to find these people and find out what’s up, so that they can get baptized. Right now we are just still working good, but it’s a little hard, but it is what it is.
Anyways it was funny in one way but sad in the other, yesterday during sacrament meeting somebody stole a members car and they also stole a stero and a car battery from our investigator. She was pretty upset … hopefully she will come back to church. It’s pretty dangerous here. There’s a bunch of drugs and smuggling here. We see the line here and someone told us there’s a bunch of secret tunnels here where people cross with trucksloads full of drugs to get them here in Mexico and to cross the line with them.
     Also our ward is pretty small. There’s only about 70-75 members, most of them are really old men and couples.  There’s hardly any youth or primary, but the ward seems pretty cool. There’s also a new rule in the mission that we aren’t allowed to drink soda anymore ): but oh well. I think they said we need to drink more water and when we drink soda it doesn’t take away your thirst. Something like that.
     Ask dad what happened to the sports updates!!!!!!!!!!?????? hahaha I’m just kidding I really don’t care anymore, it’s not that important. Anyways Mom, I love you I have to go. Hopefully you have a great week! ((:

May 11, 2015 – Week 30

My companion is the District Leader here in my area.  His name is Elder Rodriguez. He’s pretty cool and is from Puebla. I’m in the zone Mexicali and my area is called Baja California. I feel pretty weird, as though I were in a dream. I don’t know why but other than that I feel really good and I’m really happy! That’s awesome that the one elder is in a gated comunidad, we are living in a cubed box that has a bathroom and is 200 sq feet, but we have an air conditioning unit!!! The area here seems pretty cool and my companion is awesome.

      I also have a bike here as well. The missionaries before left them here for us, but the misisonaries before didn’t really do anything so thays why that they took them out. Both me and my comp are new to this area, but everything is good so far (:
     Today it’s probably 90 degrees outside, but who knows its really hot out there!  And I have sweat stripes from my backpack. I’m going to lose a lot of weight here. There’s a water place like 4 houses to the left of us where we fill up a 5 gallon jug and the mission gives us a big thing of gatorade to make drinks with every month which is awesome.

     I told Jordan to not wait until I get back to go on his mission. He really needs to go when he turns 18 because once he is 18  and isn’t out on a mission, satan is going to work double time to make sure he DOESN’T go out on a mission, so he needs to go when he turns 18 because thats what the Lord had cammanded, through the prophets.

Anyways it was great seeing you guys on the skype yesterday! Love all of you hopefully you can have a great week!

     I love you mom. Have great week. (:

May 4, 2015 – Week 29

Esta chida mama! It’s pretty dope to be able to go to the temple and Disney! I’m writing to a lot of my firends and stuff that  I never get time to write to today because I’ll be talking to y’all on Sunday and then Monday through email again. Hopefully you will understand. About the Cinco de Mayo, that’s not a holiday here, it’s an American holiday thats celebrates Mexicanism. jaja It doesn’t even exist here. And yeah everyone here watched the fight and here in Mexico it was free! Sharai told me about the fight, she watched it and said it was crappy. Anyways, things are pretty good here in the big ole mish. We just moved houses and our new house is pretty dope. There’s no such thing as air conditioning here which sucks but it’s whatever. I made a video called MTV Missionary Cribs and you can see the whole house. I’ll send it to you soon. I think next monday I’ll send it because I forgot my camera. Grandma and Paw Paw sent me money and today we went to eat at Carls Jr. i haven’t eaten in like 20 hours so I ate 2 western bacon thickburgers and they were freaking dope! Then we went to go play pool (billiards) for awhile. Dad told me about the ward referrals, that freaking sucks! Three in 3 months? I can give the missionaries 3 referrals right now of my friends!!! You should put something like that on my Facebook where people can sign up and put their addresses to have the missionaries over at the houses of my friends. Anyways, hopefully you feel better mom. Can’t wait to talk to you this Sunday! Love you (:


April 27, 2015 – Week 28

      I’m going to FaceTime y’all for mothers day on Sharai’s phone and that way it can be easier. I think I’m going to talk to you at about 3 or 4 o’clock here that will make it about 5 or 6 your time. Also I want you to have your phone FaceTiming Madie so I can see all 5 of you! And grandma and paw paw if they come too!

     In answer to your question dad, I’ve been really privileged to give a lot of blessings here. Sometimes when I have to give a blessing I get nervous, but not anymore because any words that I say don’t really matter at all as it’s all to the will of the Lord and the faith of that person. The other day I was able to give a blessing to this girl that is really sad to leave her husband here while she goes back to Tennessee. I asked her if she wanted to and I could give her a blessing, so I gave her one and I think everything will work out for them (it is this family that mom is helping out as well).  She was really really sad to leave, but it is what she had to do for the family.  I really don’t like their mom. She is really really really REALLY Christian. She likes what she talks about and she is really difficult.  If thier mom wasn’t there I could have them baptized already but she’s difficult. One time I asked her a question and her response was 25 minutes long about all the bad things that have happened in her life and how those bad things helped her… she said she was testifying.. but it is what it is!
     Also i gave this person a blessing the other month that was really sick. She had a migraine for two days and she asked us to give her a blessing, and then as soon I was done and ended the blessing she said her migraine went away. It was really awesome. We have given a lot of blessings here and it’s a great experience!
     That’s awesome that Kevin Harvick is dominating. It’s like he either wins or comes in 2nd place.  Also how is basketball coming and who won the Masters? I saw in a newspaper that Jordan Spieth was dominating, but I couldn’t really tell.  Are y’all going to go to the PLAYERS Champ? Send me some pics if y’all do.
     Dad we were able to have another baptism on Friday. I would send you pictures, but I forgot my camera and it’s a pretty slow system here to send them.  Also, other good news is that one of our families (the Sanchez family) are going to the delegacion tomorrow to take their marriage lesson talk so that they can get married. I might not be able to baptize them, but the next missionary that comes in will have 4 freebies that week that I leave, or hopefully everything will work out and I can be able to baptize them. Also these Mexicans here are getting on my nerves, well just my comp really. Hopefully, I can get an American companion soon but if not oh well.  He got pissed at me the other day because we had exchanges and I was only to teach 2 lessons.  He got pissed and said that I just passed time beautifully and when the day before I was with him and we only taught 2 lessons, but he was happy and everything was fine! I tried so hard to teach that day but no one wanted to accept us and no one was ever home in their houses. I wanted to punch him in the face, but instead I worked out my arms for about 40 minutes and I destroyed them. I’ve been working out a lot. We have this 40 pound bench weight and I’ve been pressing that thing. Anyways, I have to go  – love you!!!

April 20, 2015 – Week 27

     That’s awesome that Sharai sent you that picture last week of the baptism. It’s better than me sending it because it would take forever. His name is Jesus and he’s 41 years old. Funny story about him, my companion contacted them about 2 months ago in the street. I went to go pee because I couldn’t hold it anymore and I was about to wet myself, so I went to go pee in an abandoned building (don’t worry we could still see each other). Then I came back and he was talking to them and he said we can come back another time. We never had the chance to go visit him and fast forward about 2 weeks, we had exchanges of companions and I was with Elder Vance and we were nearby and the spirit told me that I should go visit them (I just had a feeling) and they let us in. We taught Jesus and his Brother Fransisco and the lesson was great and I invited him to get baptized and to come to church. They came to church 5 times in a row!!! Later (on Saturday) he got baptized. it was wonderful! Fransisco was going to get baptized with him and then we found out last Monday that he wasn’t married. I got really upset because his wife isn’t really awesome, she’s really hard to convert but we are trying. They might be getting married soon though. I have 3 more weeks here in this area and hopefully I can baptize their family of 4 before I leave. I’ve been fasting and praying everyday so that they can be baptized. I’ve fasted 3 times this week and tomorrow is the big day we are going to put a wedding date with them for 2 more weeks ahead. Hopefully it goes well.
     Also this saturday we have another baptism of this guy who’s 16. He’s really cool and I’ll tell you all about it next Monday! Anyways this week has been really awesome we had exchanges of companion with the zone leaders and I was in their sector and the last person we went to go visit was this guy named James Haines. I will not ever forget him in my life,  He’s the funniest black guy in the world who barely speaks Spanish.  Well he speaks it, he just choses not to.  He is absolutely hilarious and guess where he is from… he’s from Gainesville.  Hates the Gators and his wife lived in Mayport for a little bit and they know all over Jacksonville.  He said so much funny stuff that I can’t type but remind me when we are on Skype and I’ll do some reenactments. He also gave me kool aid and he gave me some of the powder to go jaja. Anyways its been a great week and ive had a lot of good times. Love yall so much and have a great week as well.
-Elder Wilkes
PS This past 4 weeks I lost 25 pounds! My clothes are starting to get big on me ):