April 13, 2015 – Week 26

This week has been great for us. We did 41 contacts of different people the other day all in one day! There are a lot of families ready to listen to the gospel! Also this week we have a baptism of 5 … hopefully 5 of them willl be baptized. This is what I have been fasting for and hopefully it will all go well.  We are baptising this one young man that hopefully we can help go on a mission, so this week we have 3 baptisms for sure!! And it is awesome! We also had interviews with the president and he told me that I brought my spanish with me. ha ha  He said it is really good and I’m a really good missionary. He told me that I need to be spiritually and physically ready for when the prophet comes to dedicate the temple.  He told me that there might be a meeting with all the missionaries and the prophet or a member of the First Presidency. Hopefully I can be ready for this December day! I can’t wait. Anyway, I send all my love that I can from here in Mexico. Love you mom and dad (((:
P.S. Sharai and Guadalupe say Hi! And we are having family home evening at their house with the fmamily that we are baptizing. (:

One thought on “April 13, 2015 – Week 26

  1. Ausin says:

    Elder Wilkes! Hello! My name is Austin Arnell. I just received my call to the Tijuana, Mexico mission! I’m so excited! Can you send me a bit of advice as to what you would do to prepare? I leave for the MTC in Mexico City on Sept 16th…. Any advice as to what to do to prepare, or what is a “must” bring to Tijuana, would be greatly appreciated! Who knows? Maybe you’ll be my companion!


    Austin Arnell
    You can email my dad’s email at chad@xldriving.com



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